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White Werewolf Tavern: Lifeless Eyes

Diesen Monat gibt es bei White Werewolf Tavern Untote.

December Release ‚Lifeless Eyes‘!

Greetings Friends!

Come closer to the hearth for tonight will be colder than any winter night to follow. Do you hear that wind? It’s actually the howl of the living dead!

Many centuries ago, a horrible war was fought for these lands, tens of thousands died in a single battle and neither side came out victorious. Now, those planes are known only as “The Bone Fields” and they are a breeding grounds of all unholy magic. Necromancers, warlocks, and dark wizards all practice their vile magics there, creating abominations, the sight of which will leave you blind.

Reapers, banshees and necromancers are about as common as flowers in a summer field but one creature that lives there is not like the rest. She seems almost human, leading the way to the lustful fools straight to their demise; The Dark Reaper, Mistress of Death, Final Kiss are some of the names she goes by, but the one true name that guards her power is Semenriel.

So let us have a look at this months release, and hope that we don’t have to look into the Dark Reapers “Lifeless Eyes”! (25 unique miniatures for Adventurers and Merchants)

Semenriel Dark Reaper 32mm and 75mm heroic miniature

WWT Lifeless Eyes 13 WWT Lifeless Eyes 1

Stories are told that Semenriel is the daughter of the Raven Queen herself, but not in the traditional way. She was created from The Bone Fields when a libertine bard broke the Ravens Queen heart. She vowed to track him down and have his soul with her creation, which she did. Now Semenriel roams The Bone Fields, luring all sorts of licentious victims straight to their demise.

Three necromancers 32mm and 75mm heroic miniature

WWT Lifeless Eyes 12 WWT Lifeless Eyes 2

These evil creatures are constructed by only the most powerful liches to serve as their bodyguards and the generals of their undead armies. Created by the darkest of necromantic magic, the lich literally stitches together the bodies of their apprentices together, enhancing their magic and creating a creature that is all but impossible to take by surprise.

Doom Weaver – Undead monster

WWT Lifeless Eyes 17 WWT Lifeless Eyes 3

The Doom Weavers are creatures of powerful necromancers. They are their guardians, who assist in absorbing and minimizing the magic used against them. Horrid creatures made up of the void itself and hanging flesh. They too lure victims to their demise by pretending to be 3 maidens.

Winged undeads set 6 miniatures

WWT Lifeless Eyes 14 WWT Lifeless Eyes 4

Banshee set 6 miniatures

WWT Lifeless Eyes 16 WWT Lifeless Eyes 5

Death Reapers set 6 miniatures

WWT Lifeless Eyes 15 WWT Lifeless Eyes 6

Set of masks

WWT Lifeless Eyes 7

3 Busts

WWT Lifeless Eyes 8 WWT Lifeless Eyes 9 WWT Lifeless Eyes 10 WWT Lifeless Eyes 11

4 unique bases

We hope that you will enjoy this release! Thank all of you amazing people for supporting us, we really couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Stay safe and take care out there!

Sincerely yours
White Werewolf Team

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