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Warlord Games: Preview

Warlord Games zeigen weitere Previews für das Hobbyjahr 2022.

Warlord 2022 Prev 2
DAY 10!
Next we have a truly massive release coming up! Its the Camazotz! The Mayan Bat Monster God! This is going to be one of our biggest models yet!
Warlord 2022 Prev 1
Day 9!
Victory at Sea future releases!
Here we have Benson class Destroyers, HMS King George, HMS Ajax and Littorio!
Don’t forget we also have up to 50% off our Victory at Sea range in our Bad Santa event!
Warlord 2022 Prev 3
Day 8!
Time for some SPQR!
Here we have General Germanicus and some NEW Imperial Roman infantry!
I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

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