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Warfare Evolved: STL Miniatures Kickstarter

Ein netter kleiner Kickstarter sucht Käufer für Robos.

About myself:

I’m a 3D artist/sculptor from the Netherlands that came in contact with 3d printing a few years ago while working as a professional 3d character artist. From that point on, I fell in love with converting my digital creations into physical art pieces.

After the success of my previous three Kickstarter projects, I decided to create another one.

This time we are going to focus on Mechanical soldiers!

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The project

In this tabletop project I have created Two sets of highly detailed mechs for resin 3d printing. Each set will contain Five robot soldiers, and both combined an army of Ten Miniatures.

All miniatures are test printed on a resin printer and come with a 32mm base. All STL’s will be delivered digitaly and are all pre-supported.

Behold, The Depth crawlers!

Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 1 Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 2

Behold…. The Highground Guardians!

Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 3 Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 4


Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 5


Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 6 Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 7 Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 8 Warfare Evolved STL Miniatures 9

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 16 Tage.

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