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Victrix: Neue Previews

Victrix zeigen einige neue Renderbilder auf Facebook.

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Product announcement: Late Roman Armoured Infantry
Here we have renders of the 5th and 6th Late Roman armoured command figure, completing the Late Roman Armoured Infantry set!
With the huge selection of heads, arms and extras we have in this set, this first figure can be used as a Roman Centurion, Standard bearer, ordinary legionary, Germanic warrior or chieftain or Romano British warrior or warlord.
Any heads can be used on this figure but we did a specific head with long hair and a crown to give a suitable Arthur look to this figure. We could not resist the temptation to do an Arthur! The figure would also easily work as an Irish, Welsh or Scots chieftain.
The second figure is wearing the commonly worn scale armour and has greaves strapped to his lower legs. Here he is wearing a Centurion helmet, but as always there are plenty of head and arm options in the set to create a lot more variety.
All the figures have been sculpted for this set but we have a couple of weeks of going over them and fine tuning fit and function and some details before they go off to the tooling department to begin manufacturing. We are hoping for a late Autumn release! We now move onto sculpting the first Late Roman cavalry set (with cataphracts to follow!)
But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait too long to get your hands on some Late Romans as the Late Roman archers and slingers set will be ready in July.
More updates soon!

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Product Announcement: Ancient Horse Archers
Here we have some renders of the 3rd and 4th horse archer figures.
Both figures are performing the Parthian shot, shooting behind them at the pursuing enemy. The ability to be able to shoot all around was the great skill of the horse archer. They could turn retreat into attack in an instant and cause real headaches for any foe.
The first figure you see is performing a very dramatic and agile shooting style. This was heavily based on the rather splendid horse archer in the reference image and also on watching military historian Mike Loades (Bottom right reference image) perform the Parthian shot.
The last two body poses are being worked on at present, 1 of them being a female warrior with some head variants. These should be ready in a couple of weeks and then off to the tooling department!


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