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Victrix: Neue Preview

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook eine neue Preview.

Victrix RomanCommand Prev

Product update: Late Roman infantry command figure
Here is a montage of the first Late Roman armoured command figure.
Here the figure is depicted wearing a Roman Centurion helmet and oval shield but we also have options for Romano British, Goth and we have also added an early Saxon style helmet with face mask. A lot of this new Late Roman range we are working on can easily be used for the Saxon invasion of Britain during the 5th and 6th Centuries. We will add a few more options to this set but will follow up with specific early Saxon figure sets.
He wears a softish leather cuirass over his mail. Late Roman infantry wore this under the mail or sometimes over the top.
The cloak is an optional piece to give him a British feel. When painting the figures, you can add some plaid style clothing which will really give them that Romano British look.
We are still working on the command figures for this set but once these are done we make a start on the first of the Late Roman cavalry sets!
For the full breakdown of the set, see our blog post:

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