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Victrix: Neue 12mm Preview

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook neue Previewbilder in 12mm für WW2.

Victrix 12mmWW2German Prev01 Victrix 12mmWW2German Prev02 Victrix 12mmWW2German Prev03

Product Update: 12mm German Pak-40 & SDKfz 11
Here are renders of the finished 12mm /1/144th scale WW2 German Pak 40 anti-tank gun and Sdkfz11 half-track!
The Pak 40 can be displayed in action or limbered up to the Sdkfz11.
We have done 2 crews to man the gun. Germans in regular uniform with crew variations in smocks. We also have crew for the Half track and these can easily be used to sit on tanks and self-propelled guns also.
Also included in the kit is a useful sandbag gun emplacement and ammo crates and discarded shell casings so you can really bring some life and character to your anti-tank gun base.
As you can see we are still beavering away at the 12mm range and hope to have the Panzer IV variants on release soon and some updates on the Russian infantry. Lots more to come!

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