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Victrix: Dark Age Archers

Victrix Miniatures haben ihrem Shop ein neues Set hinzugefügt.

Victrix DarkAgeArchers 01 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 02 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 03 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 04 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 05 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 06 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 07 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 08 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 09 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 10 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 11 Victrix DarkAgeArchers 12

Dark Age Archers – 36,95 €

The Dark Age Archers set includes 36 highly detailed 28mm plastic figures. There are a variety of body/armour and weapon  options. This gives you the freedom to decide your own figure poses and army composition.

Whats in the box?

– 24 x Archers

– 12 x Slingers

– Additional daggers and axes to convert men into light infantry

– War-horns, spears and figure poses perfect for command figures/standard bearers.

Historical period:

4th century until medieval times


– Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Bretons, Franks and Germanics (if use you use the heads from the Germanic Warriors set)

Additional details:

– Many head options with various helmets, caps and period specific haircuts (bald heads too of course!)

– Slinger bodies have been designed so that they can be turned into extra archers, or given shield/weapon arms to create more Viking/Saxon warriors

– Note the archers holding spare arrows in one hand whilst firing their bow, this was a method used by the most experienced archers for rapid firing capability! “

Quelle: Victrix Limited


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