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Unreleased Miniatures: Neue Previews

Unreleased Miniatures zeigen auf Facebook einige neue Previews.

Unreleased Undead Prev01 Unreleased Undead Prev02 Unreleased Undead Prev03

At the end of the day we have got for you, a few still shots of the Tormented Monarchs 🙂
Unreleased Undead Prev08 Unreleased Undead Prev09 Unreleased Undead Prev10 Unreleased Undead Prev11
In the history of many cultures, legends and tales teach that you must not break a promised word. Not only because of sheer decency, but also because other more powerful forces can make the word-breaker bitterly regret …
Today we present to you the first model of the Damned Oathbreakers trio – it will be a resin multipart set offering the option of heads and weapons.
Unreleased Undead Prev12 Unreleased Undead Prev13 Unreleased Undead Prev14 Unreleased Undead Prev15
Damned Oathbreakers are in limbo between life and death. On the one hand, they dared to break a promise, the keeping of which could most likely cost them with life, on the other, they drove themselves into a cursed state of deceptively eternal life, which was in fact a constant torment.
And so they continue until there is an opportunity to get rid of the curse by fulfilling their sworn duty – the only question is whether they have managed to gather enough courage to do so?
Here is the second out of the new set, which will be available in the store this weekend with our classic promotion „It’s Good to be Bad“ 😈

Unreleased Undead Prev04 Unreleased Undead Prev05 Unreleased Undead Prev06 Unreleased Undead Prev07

This is the last member of the Damned Oathbreakers trio. Tomorrow there is something much more … horrible! 💀

Quelle: Unreleased Miniatures auf Facebook


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