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Twisted: Neues Concept Art

Demented Games zeigen auf Facebook Konzeptbilder eines Neuzugnags für die Dickensians.

Twisted Matron Concept 01 Twisted Matron Concept 02

Hi Twisted Fans,
Happy new year to you all!
Many apologies for the delay on this final post of the Matron Concept Series. There are lots of exciting developments for Twisted going on behind the scenes that have rather taken my attention 🙂
Anyway – here are the final concepts for the Dickensians latest Character – The Matron.
You can see her pose has changed since the last concept and the man-catcher has been dropped. This was due to some feedback from Sebastian that the mancatchers are a right bugger to cast properly and he wanted a more ’stern matron‘ pose.
She now has a ‚get out naughty child‘ kind of vibe (or perhaps ‚get in‘ which may be worse if Nancy is involved…)
The mask and ‚buntacles‘ stayed so much of the early work was retained. Overall Seb’s input made her a stronger and nicer concept.
The Rear View shows a bit more detail on her ‚tank‘ – does it ring any bells – I wonder who’s it’s similar to?
Her gun, tucked demurely behind her back, so as not to frighten the kiddies both fires bullets and can inject foes or allies with powerful drugs – mostly experimental…
I hope you like this new concept and enjoyed this wee insight into how we develop a new Character for Twisted.
Next post Sebastian will begin to take you through the process of sculpting the Matron – that will be super exciting to see!

Quelle: Twisted bei Facebook


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