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Titan Forge: Oktober Patreon Preview

Im Oktober kommen die Toten aus ihren Gräbern beim Patreon von Titan Forge.

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October Full Preview


In October we will travel to the northern parts in the realm of Serenity a continent known as the Gravehaunt Hills rest.

Like most of Serenity this area is cold, dark, and inhospitable for any living creature.

What sets the continent apart, however, is the uncountable amount of graves, gravestones, and unholy symbols that fill the landmass. Inhabited by the Vampires of the realm, granted to them by Lilith, mother of the demonic race. The vampires were given the land for one reason alone, to raise an army of the undead.

As the Vampire race was moved to Gravehaunt Hill and given their order, they were also granted the freedom to shape the continent in whatever way they felt fitting as long as it did not interfere with their work.

Even though the curse of the vampires generally kept the race in line. Some were if in secret, displeased with their lot in “New Serenity” remembering the olden days when they had lived in harmony and contentment.

The bloodlust they now felt often overwhelmed them and infighting had become commonplace at Gravehaunt Hill. Small raid parties were often formed, bringing with them small forces of the undead as they turned their fellow vampires to ash in hopes of stealing the living energy provided to them by Mother.

As their own allotted supply of living energy dwindled, robbing them of their strength, the bloodlust and their pain grew exponentially. The energy they consumed soon became an addiction more potent than any drug. Living Energy became the closest to a currency Gravehaunt Hill would ever see. Purchasing goods, slaves, plots of land, or anything else was soon done by trading it for energy.

Not long after, dark castles made from skulls, bones, and clay sprung up around the continent, but none were larger or as impenetrable as Keep Blackstone. Designed, constructed, and masterminded by Duke Magnus Pureblood. One of the original Vampires. Ancient even before his death. A wise and cunning man before, now a wise, cunning, and ruthless Vampire Lord. Granted the title of Duke by his peers as his power and wealth grew. However, this title has yet to be accepted by the Demons and the Vampire’s greatest adversaries, the Dominion of the Undead.

For many young vampires, a successful raid on any of the castles and keeps means instant glory, wealth, respect, and more often than not a castle of their own. However, few succeed and jealousy towards the few that does runs rampant in the clans of lesser vampires.

TF Crew

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