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Titan Forge: Kostenlose STLs

Titan Forge verschenken zu Halloween Bases und einen Golem zum selber drucken.

Halloween Special Kwadrat Bases Bright Halloween Special Kwadrat Bright

Halloween Special

Hello everyone!

Every year I lie there helplessly while you sharpen your knife. You cut the top of my head off and scoop out my insides. You carve out my eyes and force me to smile.  You even teach your children how to do it. Making sure the suffering never ends. And you are having fun, cheering, laughing. Well, guess who is not amused. It is finally time to pay for your yearly ritual onslaught. 

And no treat is going to stop me from what I am about to do to you!

Happy Halloween everyone! This year we are celebrating with a promotional Pumpkin Golem miniature that really takes the cake, the chocolate, and all the candy. Along, be sure to grab the seasonal Halloween Base set for all your spooky needs!

Pumpkin Golem Download Link

Thank you for your relentless support!
Cheers, TF Team

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