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Strato Minis Studio: The Ottoman

Strato Minis Studio haben sich die Lizenz für Gelände und Miniaturen zu „The Ottoman“ gesichert.

Strato Ottoman Prev01 Strato Ottoman Prev02 Strato Ottoman Prev03 Strato Ottoman Prev04

We are happy to announce our new line of miniatures and terrain!
In a recent development, we have acquired a license to The Ottoman universe, which we will do our best to convert into gaming miniatures and terrain!
What is The Ottoman? Have a look at their project: https://the-ottoman.com/animation/
In short, Ottoman and its spin-off webcomic The Automan’s Daughter https://the-ottoman.com/comic/ are set in the retro-futuristic, dieselpunk Middle East, where the Ottoman Empire is still going strong, and one of the sports are big robot fights. Which is exactly right up our alley of course!
We are starting with the wide line of amazing buildings, of which the first three you can see in the images. Everything is scaled to true 6 mm or 1/285 and will be compatible with our regular terrain offer.
Miniatures will be cast in high-quality resin.
First kits should be available in our store in March!

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