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Thunderhead Studio: Previews

Thunderhead Studio teilt neue Previews.

Thunderhead FarPoint Colony 1 Thunderhead FarPoint Colony 2 Thunderhead FarPoint Colony 3 Thunderhead FarPoint Colony 4 Thunderhead FarPoint Colony 5

Thunderhead Studio – Previews

So, in the last few months I developed a set of modular 6mm terrain in tandem with Death Ray Designs for the release of their new, modular mech game Steel Rift, and it seems like about time to pull back the curtain.
Farpoint Colony is a modular set of sci-fi terrain for your 6mm tabletop that is fast and easy to build an interesting and thematic tabletop with.
Utilizing 3x2mm neodymium magnets, each structure has mounting points for a modular array of detail bits that let you customize your tabletop and your game to fit your vision of a firefight in the dusty offworld colonies of the future.
I’ve got a few preliminary renders for you, here, but keep an eye out at Adepticon for some of the tables that can be built with this incredibly versatile terrain set, ideal for not just Steel Rift but any other 6mm scale sci-fi game!
I’ll be posting more about this in the future as more becomes available, but keep an eye out in the immediate future for the STLs to be for sale via Steel Warrior Studios!

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