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Ninja Division: Der Kneifende Palast

Aus den Tiefen des Meeres erhebt sich mit dem Kneifenden Palast ein neuer Gegner für die tapferen Abenteurer in Super Dungeon Explore von Ninja Division.

Ninja Division Pinching Palace 1 Ninja Division Pinching Palace 2

Ninja Division Pinching Palace 3 Ninja Division Pinching Palace 4 Ninja Division Pinching Palace 5 Ninja Division Pinching Palace 6

Ninja Division Pinching Palace 7 Ninja Division Pinching Palace 8

Pinching Palace – 58,99 GBP

Please note: This product is a pre-order and will start shipping as soon as it’s available.

Pinching Palace is a Spawning Point and Pet model set for Super Dungeon.

A Lord of Crabs is only at home among crustaceans and other lurking denizens of the deep. They spend a great deal of time cultivating homes for their crabby friends, making sure they are protected, fed, and happy. This, in turn, makes the Lord of Crabs happy—even if only for a short while.


  • 1x Pinching Palace Masterclass Miniature
  • 1x Lord Of The Crabs Masterclass Miniature
  • 3x Big Claw Masterclass Miniature
  • 3x Carapace Crawler Masterclass Miniature
  • 1x Pinching Palace Explore Card
  • 1x Lord Of The Crabs Explore Card
  • 1x Big Claw Explore Card
  • 1x Carapace Crawler Explore Card
  • 1x Pinching PalaceArcade Card
  • 1x Pinching Party Arcade Card
  • 1x Carapace Crawler Arcade Card
  • 1x Mister Pinchers Pet Card
  • 1x Scooter Pet Card
  • 7x 25mm Black Base

Take your Super Dungeon hobby to the next level with Super Dungeon: Masterclass! This premium line of resin models is specifically designed for hobby enthusiasts and gamers alike! Featuring Heroes and monsters from throughout the realms of Crystalia, these finely detailed miniatures bring the world of Super Dungeon to life as never before. Each Masterclass miniature includes cards that allow it to be used in your games of Super Dungeon!

These are unpainted resin models. Preparing, cleaning up, and assembly may be required. Glue and paints are not included.

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