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Necromunda: Delaque Spyker Preview

Die Delaque sind nicht nur die Meister der Schatten auf Necromunda, auch mit Psikräften wird hier gerne experimentiert und die Spyker sind eines der grauenhaften Ergebnisse.

Dominate the Underhive with the Psychic Powers of the Delaque Spyker

We’ve seen Necromunda expand out into the wide open spaces of the ash wastes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of horrors lurking in the underhive, just waiting to be revealed – such as the big-brained behemoth known as the Delaque Spyker.
Games Workshop Dominate The Underhive With The Psychic Powers Of The Delaque Spyker 1

As anyone who’s read House of Shadows knows, the creation of a Spyker isn’t a straightforward process. Gangers with a glimmer of psychic potential can be force-fed a concentrated solution of Ghast,* undergoing a dubious kind of evolution. At the end of the process – if their brain doesn’t explode – they’re gifted a fabulous cape and sent off to work with a Delaque gang.

The resulting Spyker is a psychic sponge, soaking up the dirty little secrets of anyone nearby. While this alone makes them valuable (if somewhat babbling) informants for a Delaque gang, they also hold their own in a fight…

Games Workshop Dominate The Underhive With The Psychic Powers Of The Delaque Spyker 2

These floating psykers can unleash a variety of unnatural powers, quite distinct from the subtle Psychoteric Whispers available to Psy-Gheists. Force enemies to flee in terror with a Psychic Scream, cripple their minds with a Psychic Assault, or even use a Force Blast to send them flying like so many plastic carrier bags on the wind.

Although they’re recruited as Hangers-on, a Spyker is always ready for a fight – they’re treated like a regular Ganger when you select your crew. Of course, as non-sanctioned psykers, anyone who takes them Out of Action can collect quite a bounty on their oversized heads…

Games Workshop Dominate The Underhive With The Psychic Powers Of The Delaque Spyker 3

The Delaque Spyker will be available to pre-order from the Forge World webstore soon.

* Take it from us – this isn’t a cocktail you want to try. Try the Wild Snake instead.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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