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Marvel Crisis Protocol: Sabretooth

Atomic Mass Games haben Infos zu Sabretooth veröffentlicht.

AMG Marvel Sabretooth 1

Today we take a first look at a second version of a familiar face. Welcome back to a man who wants nothing more than to ruin your day (and Logan’s too if he can swing it): Victor Creed! Or as he may be better-known: Sabretooth, Apex Predator!

 Victor and Logan had a lot in common, for a time. Both were born with similar mutations, granting them rapid healing, natural claws, and innate ferocity. But their paths diverged when Wolverine escaped Weapon X, leaving his fellow experiment Victor behind. Where Logan worked to become a better man, Victor focused his energies on becoming a worse one. And now that the prodigal son is sniffing around their old home, Sabretooth, Apex Predator would like nothing more than to find out path produced a superior warrior—and which one ends bleeding out in the snow.

Some things never change, and Victor’s Claw Slash attack is the one to worry about when he enters the tabletop. As per usual, it’s a Range 2 Strength 5 attack that generates Power equal to the Damage dealt. It also keeps its signature single Wild trigger, from which it gains Pierce (costing the target one of their successes in the defense roll) and inflicts the Bleed special condition.

 But some things DO change, and this Apex Predator has developed an all-new attack: Bloodthirsty Onslaught! This Range 3, Strength 6 attack only costs him 2 Power. After resolving the beatdown, he will Place himself within Range 1 of the target character. And because he’s a man of specific tastes, it has the same single Wild trigger for Pierce and Bleed that can be found on Claw Slash.

AMG Marvel Sabretooth 2 AMG Marvel Sabretooth 3

And just to remind everyone who should really be watching out for him, Sabretooth gets to use his favorite nickname for Logan with Catch, Runt! This 3-Power Active superpower will send any enemy of Size 3 or less sailing Medium away from him with a powerful Throw. Then to follow it up, Sabretooth can spend another 3 Power to use Primal Pounce and close the newly-opened distance, by Throwing himself Medium. He’s more dexterous than he looks, and won’t suffer any Damage from this maneuver.

If the rest of his abilities were not enough to signal that his primary goal is murder, he can drop 4 Power on the Active superpower Stop Squealing and Die to add 3 dice to the next claw-related attack on his turn.

AMG Marvel Sabretooth 4

But in Crisis Protocol one does not usually get to do a lot of murders if they can’t take the pain themself. Sabretooth’s 4/3/4 Defense stats and 7/6 Stamina are already impressive. Add in Healing Factor [1] and anyone who intends to put Victor Creed down had better do it fast.

That’s all for today’s look at the evolution of malicious ferocity. Be sure to check back in the future for yet another installment of From Panel to Play, the series where we give you your first look at how your favorite characters transition to the tabletop in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Pre- order your copy of the Rival Panels: Weapon X Program pack at your local game store or through our webstore today!

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!

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