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Malifaux: Hex Bows

Es gibt neue Previews für Malifaux.

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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, after finding out that some employees at Wyrd are lactose intolerant, Waldo went shopping for cheese. Days later, we heard about an explosion at the cheese shop. Da brie was everywhere. After confronting Waldo about the incident, he said it was nacho problem. How dairy he. He should have had cheddar judgment.

So, while we clean up the mess in gouda time, let’s take a look at an upcoming group of characters that will be heading to battle in both The Other Side and Malifaux later this year: the Hex Bows!

Recruited from those who carry curses in their blood and bones, Hex Bows serve the Guild by weaponizing their misfortune. Witch Hunters instruct the archers on drawing power into their runic bows, launching missiles that land with devastating explosive strength. In the moment before impact, a Hex Bow’s curse afflicts their target. Damage is amplified tenfold in the face of bad luck, giving rise to rumors that even being near these archers has the potential to pollute one’s good fortune.

In The Other Side, Hex Bows are a flexible fireteam that can select from Piercing, Accurate, or Area when firing their Runed Bows. Successfully resolving an Action also allows you to cripple enemies by giving them non-Tactics Tokens, like Pinned or Shaken. In Glory, the Hex Bows further increase their lethality and capabilities with new triggers.

WY Malifaux Hex Bows 2

In Malifaux, rumors have spread regarding Hex Bows and their ability to permanently alter someone else’s Fate. The Guild does little to tamper such talk; reputation can be a useful weapon in battle. This leads to Hex Bows becoming isolated. They rarely find camaraderie outside their own battalions, but that’s started to change… Though Sonnia Criid is their savior, more Hex Bows are requesting deployment alongside a new company. They endure no stigma there, so long as their grenade arrows hit true.

WY Malifaux Hex Bows 3

Where will you field the Hex Bows, on the Earth battlefields or in Malifaux? Let us know!

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