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Lucid Eye: Neuheiten

Die ersten Neuheiten in 2022 von lucid Eye Publications sind da.

Lucid Bethamel

Bethamel, Guardian of The Hall of a Thousand Lamentations – 12,00 £

One 28mm scale white metal figure provided with one display base. Designed by Steve Saleh.

Lucid RootElfFleetThorns

Root Elf Fleet Thorns – 12,00 £

Two 28mm white metal figures and two white metal horses, provided with display bases. Designed by Steve Saleh.

When fully mobilised, Root Elf armies have three distinct types. The Skyclads are arrayed in skirmish formations to the fore. The Thorns are often deployed on the flanks to protect the army with a relentless withering bowfire against the enemy. 

Lucid Chaelech

Chaelech of Hale – 7,50 £

One ‚heroic‘ 28mm white metal figure, provided with a  display base. Designed by Steve Saleh.

Quelle: Lucid Eye Publications


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