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Lazy Squire Games: Preview

Lazy Squire Games teilen weitere Previews.

Jaden the angel saw a world broken by cataclysm and threatened by unimaginable evil and could no longer remain on the sidelines…
Pre-Order Stormsunder: https://buff.ly/3pup83V
Lazy Squire Games 1
Serrick is a master archer and expert hunter. Having him in the party will lead to all kinds of additional rewards in the Wilds!
Lazy Squire Games 2
Check out the first entry in the Wild Assent Bestiary. You will need every advantage you can get to survive the Wilds so Steve is putting together the ultimate guide to the Creatures of the Wild. Check out the Wildsflower entry now on BGG.
Lazy Squire Games 3
The Faceless is a ruthless mercenary group filled with bloodthirsty zealots who will do anything to prove their worth to their leader so that they might one day go to war as his side. This fervent loyalty and dedication has never been tested like it was the day Vacrem decided to leave the Faceless to pursue a personal matter.
Preorder Stormsunder: https://buff.ly/3xYhBOg
Lazy Squire Games 4
The Tarpitt Guardsmen are always on the lookout for trouble ..or Appleby’s.
Preorder Stormsunder: https://buff.ly/3dCDv0j
Lazy Squire Games 5
Zaxos is all that is Man, Seeker, and Warrior! This Massive Meatshield takes the hits and protects his allies in Wild Assent!
Lazy Squire Games 6
Wynter is a half-demon pirate who loves gold. My favorite way to describe her is Chaotic-Chaotic on the alignment scale. Just make sure you can pay her better than your enemies can…
Preorder Stormsunder: https://buff.ly/3E2Xjol
Lazy Squire Games 7
The Wildswood Sentinel is a lumberjacks worst nightmare! When the tree’s start swinging back it’s time to reconsider your career!
Lazy Squire Games 8
The Ra-Sworn are the Elites of the Makatti foot soldiers. Their bodies may looked desiccated by the desert sands, but they hold surprising strength…
Pre-Order Stormsunder: https://buff.ly/3mi8HXq
Lazy Squire Games 9
The Trenchworm are the hardest creature to pin down in the Wilds. They have a penchant for hit and run tactics, and abandoning the field if things look bad for them…
Lazy Squire Games 10
Liora did not take kindly to a certain someone sneaking past her and traveling down to Inali. She took it personally, in fact, leaving her post to bring the winged interloper to justice…
Lazy Squire Games 11
Wild Assent Character Profile Time! This time Steve gives his take on Zaxos!!! This Be-muscled Be-mohawked Behemoth is a good fit for any team. Check out the post on BGG for all the details!
Lazy Squire Games 12
Lord Darijus carries a BIG spear. I’m guessing he took a page out of Grandpappy Dracula’s playbook. Don’t make Darijus angry. You won’t like what he does with that spear.
Preorder Stormsunder now: https://buff.ly/32uGXrJ
Lazy Squire Games 13
The Streamcaller and its spawn are shockingly dangerous creatures. Keep your distance and remember, nothing in the Wilds is helpless, even a newly born water elemental.
Lazy Squire Games 14
The half giant Rask lives in a cave high in the mountains west of Tarpitt, living a life of simplicity and rock-based friendship. No seriously this guys only friends are a bunch of rocks. Preorder Stormsunder to find out exactly what is going on with this Hermit Warrior.
Lazy Squire Games 15
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