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Infinity: Oktober Neuheiten

Nachschub für Infinity von Corvus Belli. Darunter auch einiges an schwerem Gerät.

Kornak Gazarot 1 Kornak Gazarot 2 Kornak Gazarot 3 Kornak Gazarot 4

Kornak Gazarot – 16,95 €

Kornak Gazarot is a self-made hero, a titan who did everything on his own to reach a legendary category among the Morats, rising up from poverty through rage, perseverance and courage.

Give your Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack a tough and dangerous Lieutenant armed with a Mk12. A very versatile Lieutenant option thanks to his Strategos skill and who can be part of any Fireteam due their Wildcard status.

Gator Squadron 1 Gator Squadron 2 Gator Squadron 3 Gator Squadron 4

Gator Squadron – 39,95 €

The Gator is a well-armed and heavily armored TAG, perfectly suited for modern armored warfare. Thanks to its enhanced haptic system, the Gator can benefit even more from the physical skills of its pilots, who have been hardened in numerous bar fights in the worst of Corregidor’s modules.

This box includes one injected thermoplastic miniature of the Gator Squadron. A heavy support for Nomad forces. Its Mine Dispenser will make the enemy think twice before advancing. And if the enemy have the courage to do so, they will have to face the Gator’s Chain Rifles.

Haqqislam Support Pack Codeone 1 Haqqislam Support Pack Codeone 2 Haqqislam Support Pack Codeone 3 Haqqislam Support Pack Codeone 4 Haqqislam Support Pack Codeone 5 Haqqislam Support Pack Codeone 6

Haqqislam Support Pack – 32,95 €

The Najjarun Engineers are destined to always be in the vanguard, they open and clear the way for the rest of the Haqqislamite army. They are also responsible for the maintenance of mechanized and armored units. While the Ghulam Doctors are aware that, at the end of the day, it will be up to them to save their brothers in arms. Even in a technological war, an indomitable will is still the sharpest weapon.

This box includes four miniatures: one Najjarun Engineer, one Ghulam Doctor and two Nasmat Remotes. This box is a great complement to provide specialized troops to your Haqqislamite force from Operation: Blackwind

Chernobog Armored Detachment 1 Chernobog Armored Detachment 2 Chernobog Armored Detachment 3

Chernobog Armored Detachment – 44,95 €

Usually, the name Chernobog comes up in association with the definition of “armored fury.” It’s true that the symbol that best represents the Armored Detachment is the hammer, associated to the violence of that sinister Slavic deity, a violence that matches so well the character of its pilots, true avatars of destruction.

This box includes one injected thermoplastic miniature of the Chernobog. Ariadna players have been dreaming of including a TAG to their army list. Chernobog has arrived to make those dreams come true, as well as become the nightmare of their enemies. A tough TAG with such firepower that any opponent will tremble.

Aleph Support Pack Codeone 1 Aleph Support Pack Codeone 2 Aleph Support Pack Codeone 3 Aleph Support Pack Codeone 4 Aleph Support Pack Codeone 5 Aleph Support Pack Codeone 6

ALEPH Support Pack – 29,95 €

In Greek Mythology, the supernatural beings called Dactyls were magical smiths and healers who discovered iron and metalworking. Their Phalanx counterparts are all master demolishers. They can repair gear and treat their fallen brothers in arms, but it is not just their ability to fulfill their objective under enemy fire that makes them a valuable asset to the SSS.

This box includes four miniatures: one Dactyl Engineer with Combi Rifle, one Dactyl Doctor with Combi Rifle, and two Yudbots. This box is a great complement to provide specialized troops to your ALEPH Force from Operation: Blackwind.

Infinity ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-InFantasyweltMinyarts und Taschengelddieb erhältlich.

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