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Herr der Ringe: Krieger von Thal Preview

Die tapferen Verteidiger Thals werden bald mit neuen Modellen verstärkt, darunter eine Kommandoabteilung und die mächtige Windlanze.

New Middle-earth Commanders Lead Dale With Grit, Determination, and Magnificent Facial Hair

The city of Dale has had a tumultuous history in the Third Age, but the brave Men who lead its armies have always been stalwart in defence. Now you can add them to your own army with the upcoming Dale Commanders set from Forge World.

The Captain of Dale is an experienced warrior with a keen instinct for command and fine equipment. Dale grew rich on the trade flowing from Erebor and beyond, giving the city’s defenders access to high quality armour and Dwarf-made weapons.

Forge World New Middle Earth™ Commanders Lead Dale With Grit, Determination, And Magnificent Facial Hair 1

Equipped with a sword and shield, the Captain is a sturdy lynchpin for the already capable armies of Dale, and is as comfortable rucking it up on the front lines as he is giving orders to his fellow Men. And if quality facial hair is a hallmark of good leadership, this Man could march his troops all the way to Mount Doom.

This highly detailed model – who can be posed drawing his sword or holding it outstretched – is joined by two Warriors of Dale carrying vital equipment long awaited by veterans of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. The first is a war horn, which bolsters the Courage of its fellow Warriors. They’ll need it when the Dragon Emperor of Rhûn takes the field.

Forge World New Middle Earth™ Commanders Lead Dale With Grit, Determination, And Magnificent Facial Hair 2

The next waves a majestic banner. That’s right, no longer will the Men of Dale suffer the injustice of watching their opponents’ flags flying without one of their own, and the extra fighting oomph it provides is much appreciated by the capable Warriors of Dale. Taken together, these models transform their units into an elite fighting force who’ll stare down the forces of Evil.

The Dale Windlance – Wield the Weapon That Wounded Smaug

Even before Bard the Bowman slew the dragon Smaug during the Third Age, the city of Dale had a proud history of archery. At the apex of their art were mighty war engines called Windlances, equipped with devastating Black Arrows designed to pierce all but the thickest of hides.

Just such a weapon was used by Girion of Dale to wound Smaug, creating the weakness that his descendant Bard would one day exploit with a Black Arrow of his own, and you can soon add them to your Middle-earth army.

Forge World The Dale Windlance – Wield The Weapon That Wounded Smaug™ 1

These elegant ballistae, similar to the one used in-game by Bard himself, are crewed by experienced Warriors of Dale and fire deadly accurate Strength 10 shots deep into your enemy’s ranks. Armies from the Garrison of Dale can use Windlances to put the fear of death into larger targets – not even a Balrog can shrug off the massive Black Arrows without coming to some serious harm.

Forge World The Dale Windlance – Wield The Weapon That Wounded Smaug™ 2

Combining multiple Windlances with the Esgaroth bows carried by Warriors of Dale reinforces the formidable shooting for which Dale armies are known, and gives eagle-eyed generals a whole bag of tools to handle whatever Mordor can throw at them.

It’s also a beautiful work of Dwarven craftsmanship, deceptively simple in design but packed with details to help it stand out among your muster – with two characterful crewmen. You’ll find full rules for the Dale Windlance in the upcoming Defence of the North supplement.

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