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GW: Warcry Preview und Adeptus Titanicus Mission

Aus den Tiefen des Gnarlwood im Reich Ghur taucht ein neues Modell auf, der Rotmire Creed Carrion Catcher und in der fernen Zukunft gibt es eine neue Mission für Adeptus Titanicus.

A Rotten Warcry Rogue Carves His Way Out of the Gnarlwood

In the Realm of Beasts, between Gallet and Thondia, nestles a hellhole known as the Gnarlwood. This inhospitable forest is full of carnivorous critters and flesh-eating flora, and it’s the stage for the latest round of blood-slicked Warcry skirmishes – and home to colourful characters such as this Rotmire Creed Carrion Catcher.
Games Workshop A Rotten Warcry Rogue Carves His Way Out Of The Gnarlwood 1

With a name like Carrion Catcher, we suppose his roped hook is used to grab slain foes from the forest floor to use as food later. It also looks like it’d be a handy tool in a fight.

Those stilts suggest he might spend a lot of time lurking in the swamps to the north of the Gnarlwood, and the green moss he’s taken for camouflage has a putrescent feeling.

The Rotmire Creed are currently embroiled in a running battle with the Horns of Hashut, attempting to prevent the fires of industry reaching the woods of Ghur and burning down their nice wet swamp.

Battle For Control of Planet Kado in a New Narrative Campaign for Adeptus Titanicus

With the upcoming release of the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, the Legiones Astartes are taking centre stage in the 31st Millennium. Is there anything better – or more intimidating – than a mustered army of Space Marines?

Not much, it turns out, but Titans have a good claim. They’re certainly taller, they’re definitely louder, and they have undeniably bigger guns.* In fact, as history buffs will tell you, Adeptus Titanicus is where the Horus Heresy really began.

Hot on the heels of the Dire Wolf Scout Titan, the Warhammer Rules Team have taken the time to whip up a new narrative scenario for Adeptus Titanicus, the game where Legios – not Legiones – of god-machines smash into one another, explode, and level battlefields.

Games Workshop Battle For Control Of Planet Kado In A New Narrative Campaign For Adeptus Titanicus 1

The scenario takes us to The Siege of Kado. Long-time Adeptus Titanicus fans may remember this as the name of a world shrouded in mystery, covered in hundreds of Mechanicum research facilities.

“Each mission represents a major battle during the Siege of Kado”, explains rules writer Tom Clarke, “a fight over esoteric research facilities harnessing the dangerous energies of an artificial planet.”

“Can you hold the Delta Breach against a seemingly endless horde of Traitors until Loyalist reinforcements arrive? How about re-enacting the moment a group of Ordo Sinister Psi-Titans ambushed a numerically superior force of Traitor Titans, corrupted by warp energies?”

These three missions will test your strategic skills in different ways, Tom notes. “It’s a series of unique challenges, requiring a bit of fast-thinking and adaptive battle plans to emerge victorious”. Each has a slate of special rules to add a unique twist – including rules for pummelling Traitor Titans with salvos from the Loyalist Imperator Titan, Praeco Deictus. 

You can download The Siege of Kado here.

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Quelle: Games Workshop


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