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GW: Blood Bowl Norse-Team

Mit den Norsca Rampagers kommt ein Norse-Team aus dem hohen Norden der Alten Welt, bereit die Stadien der Alten Welt zu stürmen.

Games Workshop Norse Team Für Blood Bowl Norsca Rampagers 1 Games Workshop Norse Team Für Blood Bowl Norsca Rampagers 2 Games Workshop Norse Team Für Blood Bowl Norsca Rampagers 3 Games Workshop Norse Team Für Blood Bowl Norsca Rampagers 4

Norse-Team für Blood Bowl: Norsca Rampagers – 40,00 Euro

Norse-Teams lieben nichts mehr als eine ordentliche Prügelei – und so liefern sie auf dem Spielfeld auch ihre beste Leistung ab! Norscans haben ihr ganzes Leben im rauen, eisigen Norden verbracht, was sie abgehärtet hat. Diese zähen Spieler sind hervorragend darin, mit dem Gegner auf Tuchfühlung zu gehen und alles wegzublocken, während sie sich gnadenlos ihren Weg in die Endzone prügeln – und ohne Zweifel zur Taverne dahinter!

Natürlich geht es nicht nur darum, eine Keilerei in der Mitte des Spielfelds zu verursachen; da wäre auch noch die Sache mit den äußerst wichtigen Touchdowns. Norse-Teams funktionieren am besten, wenn sie ihre reichlich vorhandene Schlagkraft einsetzen können, um ein Loch in der gegnerischen Verteidigung aufzureißen, durch das ihre Valkyries mit beeindruckendem Tempo rasen können, um den Sieg zu erringen.

Dieser mehrteilige Bausatz besteht aus 120 Kunststoffteilen, aus denen du die Norsca Rampagers bauen kannst, ein Norse-Team für Blood-Bowl-Spiele. Das Team besteht aus 6 Norse Raider Linemen, 2 Beer Boars, 2 Norse Berserkers, 2 Ulfwereners und 2 Valkyries. Zusätzlich sind 2 doppelseitige Blood-Bowl-Münzen, 2 Zug- und Wiederholungswurf-Marker, 4 Bälle und ein Abziehbilderbogen mit 292 Abziehbildern enthalten.

Die Regeln für den Einsatz von Norse-Teams in Blood Bowl findest du in Spike! Journal 14.

Games Workshop Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 14 (Englisch) 1 Games Workshop Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 14 (Englisch) 2 Games Workshop Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 14 (Englisch) 3

Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 14 (Englisch) – 12,00 Euro

Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

This issue’s Guest Editor Harold Haroldson descends from the frigid north to bring a Spike! Journal filled with boozy boars and some icy slip-’n’-slide gameplay. That’s right, this issue brings the Norse Team to your games of Blood Bowl!

This journal covers the history, rules, and rosters of the Norse team. Alongside tales of booze, bone-breaking tackles, and a few incidents of accidentally freezing to death, you’ll find the fantastic fun and essential commentary you’ve come to expect from Spike! Journal. As such, this magazine is the perfect companion for any cold-loving coach.

It includes:

– As Cold as Ice: background on the origins of Norscan teams in Blood Bowl and how they play on the pitch. Includes information on their team positions, star players, and a team roster.

– Famous Norse Teams: descriptions and background on some of the more famous Norse teams, including the Arctic Cragspiders, Vynheim Valkyries, New Fjord Jötnar, and the Skjårlsberg Icicles.

– Norsca Rampagers Team Spotlight: an in-depth article focusing on the Norsca Rampagers, one of the most famous and successful Norse teams ever to grace the Blood Bowl pitch. Includes details of their history, team profile and colours, honours, Spike! team rating, as well as the roster of their famous 2497-2498 squad, and loads more.

– Star Player – Ivar Eriksson: a profile on the renowned Blitzer known as ‚The War Raider‘, the famed Norsca Rampagers player who signed with the team at the tender age of 16. Since first being given the opportunity to play, Ivar captured the heart of the crowd, eventually becoming Captain after a mid-match brawl with his predecessor.

– Dirt from the Dugout: this time Mindy Piewhistle delves into the accusations that the up-and-coming Berserker, Bjor Hakonsson, may not be the champion drinker he claims.

– Star Player – Skrorg Snowpelt: a profile on the famous Yhetee, Skrorg. After butchering most of his teammates, he was swiftly sacked and sent to Rockbeard’s Rage Rehab, but emerged a changed beast! His improved attitude has made Skrorg a huge fan favourite, as a furry showman who plays to the crowd.

– Northern Leagues: brand new rules and advice for running Northern Leagues – a variant on the standard Blood Bowl league season, allowing players to compete in the Icebowl – open to all teams with the usual budget of 1,000,000 gold pieces – for the coveted Icebowl Chalice. Also includes a unique Harsh Tundra Weather Table and a Norsca Kick-off Table, both of which you can use by rolling 2D6.

– Coffin Corner: Spike! Journal’s obituaries column commemorating those players who are no longer with us, whether trampled on the pitch, torn apart, or possibly eaten.

– Frozen Lake Blood Bowl Pitch: includes rules for using the Frozen Lake Blood Bowl Pitch in your games, including special rules for Frozen Surface and Fragmented Surface. These rules are also included with the Norse Team – Double-sided Pitch and Dugouts Set.

– Chat with the Rat: ace Skaven reporter Hackspit ‘the Scribbler’ Quillchewer meets with Fjörgskeg Raiders head coach Jarl Stelken Mikaelsson to talk about their claims of being the most decorated Norse team in history, and how they built up their impressive trophy collection.

– Norse Balls: includes background and rules for 2 unique Norse Balls – the Hammer of Legend Ball and the Runestone Ball.

– The Norscan Way: a detailed introduction to coaching Norse teams. Includes an overview of the strengths of their team, positions, tactics, and more.

– Star Player – Thorsson Stoutmead: a profile on the beer-barrel-bowling bombardier, detailing how Thorsson first decided to use a barrel as a weapon, his drinking problem, and the book he published.

– Dungeon Bowl Update: Norse Teams: provides a narrative and rules update for players to use their Norse Team miniatures in games of Dungeon Bowl.

– Mighty Blow! – Free Beer: a look back on some of the tall tales from the career of Bob Bifford. Includes a comic strip in which Bob Bifford reminisces about the Norscans.

Games Workshop Blood Bowl Würfelset Für Norse Teams

Blood-Bowl-Würfelset für Norse-Teams – 14,50 Euro

Prügle dich mit dem Norse-Team-Würfelset zum Sieg, das mit eisig blauen Wirbeln und goldfarbenen Symbolen verziert ist. Jeder der sechsseitigen Würfeln zeigt anstelle der 6 das Drachenschiff-Logo des Norse-Teams, damit du deinen das Bier liebenden Mannschaftskameraden einen ausgeben kannst.

Dieses Set enthält alle Würfeln, die du benötigst. Es enthält:
– 3 Blockwürfel für Blood Bowl
– 2x 6-seitige Würfel mit dem Norse-Team-Logo auf der Seite der 6
– 1x 8-seitiger Abweichungswürfel für Blood Bowl
– 1x 16-sechsseitiger Würfel

Games Workshop Blood Bowl Norse Team Card Pack (Englisch) 1 Games Workshop Blood Bowl Norse Team Card Pack (Englisch) 2 Games Workshop Blood Bowl Norse Team Card Pack (Englisch) 3

Blood Bowl Norse Team Card Pack (Englisch) – 22,50 Euro

Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

Don’t miss a beat on the pitch! This deck of 44 cards will help you keep track of stats and profiles for your Norse team, as well as positions and Star Players. It also includes Special Play cards exclusively for use with Norse teams.

– 6x Player Reference cards for the Ulfwerener, Berserker, Valkyrie, Beer Boar, Norse Raider Lineman, and Yhetee
– 3x Star Player cards for Ivar Eriksson, Skrog Snowpelt, and Thorsson Stoutmead
– 8x Magical Memorabilia Special Play cards
– 8x Heroic Feats Special Play cards
– 18x Blank Positional Cards, to fill in for each player on your team: 9x Norse Raider Lineman, 2x Ulfwerener, 2x Berserker, 2x Valkyrie, 2x Beer Boar, and x1 Yhetee
– One all-important card that explains how to use all of the above cards, with a red card on the reverse

You’ll need a copy of Blood Bowl – The Official Rules and Spike! Journal Issue 14 to make full use of these cards.

Games Workshop Norse Pitch – Double Sided Pitch And Dugouts Set (Englisch) 1 Games Workshop Norse Pitch – Double Sided Pitch And Dugouts Set (Englisch) 2 Games Workshop Norse Pitch – Double Sided Pitch And Dugouts Set (Englisch) 3

Norse Pitch – Double-sided Pitch and Dugouts Set (Englisch) – 40,00 Euro

Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

There are few grand stadia in Norsca, for most of the Blood Bowl pitches in that icy land are loosely constructed on fjords, frozen lakes, or wind-battered tundra. Playing in such hostile conditions presents many unique dangers to Blood Bowl players – from spectacularly skidding and face-planting on the frigid pitch, to falling through the ice itself! Players will need to tread carefully on this dangerous skating rink, or risk the chilling waters below.

The Frozen Lake pitch has two sides – one depicting the pitch in fair weather, with the lake covered in a thick sheet of ice. The other side depicts the pitch after some disaster or another has caused the ice to break apart, exposing the freezing waters below.

You’ll also find a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme. Each dugout features score, turn, and re-roll trackers, plus Reserves, Knocked-out, and Casualty boxes.

Rules for using each side of the pitch in your games of Blood Bowl are included.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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