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Aeronautica Imperialis: Vampire Raider und Hunter

Mit gleich zwei mächtigen Fliegern werden die Streitkräfte der Eldar bei Aeronautica Imperialis für die Luftschlachten in der fernen Zukunft von Warhammer 40.000 verstärkt.

Forge World Vampire Raider 1 Forge World Vampire Raider 2 Forge World Vampire Raider 3

Vampire Raider – 40,00 Euro

The largest Asuryani atmospheric aircraft yet encountered by the Imperium, the Vampire Raider is a drop ship capable of enduring the hard vacuum of space. Primarily deployed from much larger spacecraft in orbit, the Raider acts as a transport to deliver assault troops to the surface, allowing its deadly cargo to strike rapidly at their targets before disappearing once more. It is well-suited to this role, being far faster and more agile than its size would suggest. Its main armaments – a nose-mounted scatter laser and a pair of under-wing pulse lasers or shuriken cannons – are designed to protect the Raider and its embarked troops from hostile aircraft as it nears landing zones, but it is not uncommon to see Raiders armed for more outright offensive roles, sacrificing transport capacity in exchange for devastating Phoenix missile launchers.

Dominate your opponents with a lightning fast Asuryani assault craft. This resin kit comes with everything you need to build a Vampire Raider for games of Aeronautica Imperialis. This acrobatic Bomber class aircraft is able to deliver squads of Aeldari combatants to the battlefield with incredible speed and precision, whilst holding its own with a suite of advanced weapons.

This 13-part resin kit builds an Asuryani Vampire Hunter, equipped with a nose-mounted scatter laser and either shuriken cannons or pulse lasers, as well optional Phoenix missile launchers.

Rules for the Vampire Raider can be found in the included construction booklet and in the Aeronautica Imperialis – Companion.

Forge World Vampire Hunter 1 Forge World Vampire Hunter 2 Forge World Vampire Hunter 3

Vampire Hunter – 40,00 Euro

The Vampire Hunter is a common variant of the Vampire Raider, converted to fulfil the role of heavy ground attack bomber in Asuryani air fleets. The Hunter entirely sacrifices the transport capacity of the Raider in order to house the ammunition racks that feed its devastating Phoenix missile launchers, as well as the massive energy storage units that power its devastating brace of twin-linked pulsars. These advanced armaments are enough to take down the heaviest of enemies, from armoured bunkers to Titans. Consequently, Hunters are usually deployed to fly specific hit-and-run missions targeting the most vital enemy infrastructure and materiel.

Rule the skies with the most deadly of the Asuryani aircraft. This resin kit comes with everything you need to build a Vampire Hunter for use in games of Aeronautica Imperialis as a Bomber class aircraft. This aerodynamic and highly manoeuvrable flyer is armed to the teeth with some of the heaviest firepower available to the Aeldari.

This 9-part resin kit builds one Asuryani Vampire Hunter equipped with twin-linked pulsars, phoenix missile launchers, and a nose-mounted scatter laser.

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