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Fenris Games: Wyrdworld recreated Crowdfunder

Fenris Games haben gerade über Kofi und die eigene Website eine Crowdfunding Kampagne für eine Reihe an anthropromorphen Fantasy Minis laufen.

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Like a bigger platform’s crowdfunder, we’re hoping to hit multiple targets for this campaign – but things here on Ko‑fi work a little differently, so an explanation seems worthwhile…


To grab one of our Pre-order Bundles, and make yourself eligible for any Stretch Goal freebies if/when Unlocked, just click the COMMISSIONS tab towards the top left of our Ko‑fi homepage. There you’ll find 6 optional bundles arranged to suit all budgets, and all offering discounts on individual model prices and final RRP.

Want just one model from the set? No problem. Over in the Fenris webshop here: https://tinyurl.com/WWRec2, you can build a custom Pre-order Pledge, choosing any individual model(s) you fancy, or mix & match Bundles and add-ons. Here on Ko-fi, you can grab „Commission“ Bundles with big savings on RRP and full eligibility for all relevant Stretch Goals.

Unlike previous crowdfunders on K***starter, this campaign aims to have more free stuff for existing backers as well as some level-exclusive Unlocks. For instance, if we can hit the targets for Stan Styracosaur, BATTLE commissions will receive that model free as part of their Pledge; lower level commissions will have the option to add him as an individual model or to upgrade their base Level. Hopefully this will become clearer as we reach those goals!

Part of the „risk“ of taking this campaign off KS is the attendant lack of reach on a smaller platform, so we’re hoping that you’ll be more inclined, as Backers, to share, Tweet, or blog about the campaign as it runs since More Backers = More Freebies for everyone.



Fenris Games started as a business back in 1988 as the result of a  long, wet holiday in Exeter. We’d been involved in the infamous PBM game  Further into Fantasy and decided it was time to run our own postal  roleplaying games.

First and foremost amongst these was WYRDWORLD – a high fantasy RPG  set in a magikal world where mankind was no longer the most  highly  evolved mammal, and where players might rub shoulders with  barbarian  hamsters, chihuahua berserkers, and dwarves in pink bunny suits. Imagine  a world where most people aren’t human. Humanoid, yes, but not human. For on Wyrdworld, the animals have become people. With fur and claws and teeth.

Fancy playing Conan the Barbary Ape? Then this is the world for you.  Slightly evolved (countless animal species now have hands and feet, but  are just as subject to human frailties like vengeance, warfare, and even  love in the same ways as the small, pink, squishies used for cheap  labour and food are), our protagonists adventure in a setting scoured by meteors, poisoned with leaking dark energies, and riddled with burrows and hives of insectoid creatures that have greater plans for the whole  planet. It’s a world of magick, mystery, clockwork and steam, with the inner workings starting to show…

There is, as yet, no tabletop minis system set in our world – but there is a pdf of the original Play-By-Mail ruleset available for download here  . And, of course, you can use these 28mm-scaled minis with any game  that allows for or includes anthropomorphic animals. Fill yer boots…


In this campaign, you can choose from a number of one-click Bundle Pledges for different rewards. You’ll find them listed under the Commissions tab near the top left of this page.

Fenris Wyrd VarnaFenris Wyrd Gatehouse


GUARD pledges are for one of the two pairs of models – your choice between VARNA or GATEHOUSE. Saving of £7 versus buying the models individually. Eligible for all GUARD stretch goal rewards.

Postage NOT included.

Fenris Wyrd Goatkin


The GOATKIN pledge gets you one of each of these twelve remastered models, previously only available in metal and OOP for several years. Saving at least £21 against the individual models cost.

Eligible for all GUARD and ADVENTURER stretch goal rewards.

Postage NOT included.

Fenris Wyrd Adventurer


This Pledge Bundle includes all of the brand new Wyrdworld characters – Mufa, Elsa, Akai, Ed, Hobbes, Popcorn and Fenris. A saving of £13 versus buying individually.

Eligible for all GUARD and ADVENTURER stretch goal rewards.

Postage NOT included.

Fenris Wyrd Battle


This is our all-in Pledge for this new campaign – grabbing all 12 goatkin models plus the 7 Wyrdworld characters, plus the 2 Repton Brutes (Tank and Steg), and all Unlocked GUARD, ADVENTURER and BATTLE rewards. At least £25 saving vs buying everything separately.

Postage NOT included.

Fenris Wyrd Horde

EVERYTHING from this campaign PLUS everything from the previous Wyrdworld KS, for those who missed it. You’ll be grabbing all 21 models from the BATTLE Pledge here plus all 22 WWi models, our giant KS exclusive El Grande 15oz mug, a copy of the Genesis novel, and Unlocked GUARD, ADVENTURER and BATTLE rewards. At least £178 saving vs buying everything separately. Postage NOT included.


As a small company we have worked hard to plan this project so it is both ambitious but also achievable. We hope, if all goes well, that  we might be able to include stretch goals as the project progresses. We want to make sure that we don’t include too many new items which might endanger the speediest fulfilment of backer pledges – but we have a handful of ideas that we’d love to offer as new add-ons if we are fortunate to be successful with this project. Bases, scenery and scatter, and more new models could be Unlocked…

You may add any other Unlocked, later individual models by adding a new Donation/Pledge to the relevant amount when/if these new models get Unlocked. These will appear as new Commission objects when available.


Postage costs will be calculated on completion of your pledge, during the backer survey stage of the campaign, and will be dependent on final weight/volume of your base reward and any add-ons you may have chosen. All parcels will be sent by tracked/signed-for services through Royal Mail – delivery times will vary according to country of final destination. These shipping costs will be determined by weight/bulk of your base Bundle Pledge plus any add-ons you choose – but based on previous crowdfunded campaigns, our regular shipping of parcels all over the world, and being able to check  finished parcel weights, we’re confidently estimating (postal price increases notwithstanding) that this will add between £5-30 per customer for tracked/signed for mail, with highest costs being applied  to overseas and/or large pledges. Broadly speaking, parcels (depending  on volume) should fit within the following ranges:

UK £5-10

EU/Europe £10-20 (Hervorhebung durch uns. -red.)

USA/ROW £15-30

All final postage costs will vary on weight, volume, and World Zone. Guesstimating costs to the EU is enormously difficult, post Brexit.

Costs include not just Royal Mail’s actual postage charges  – shown here (https://www.royalmail.com/current-postage-prices) but also enough to cover actual costs of packing materials.


After the successful  trial of our mail partnership with an EU partner on our last two KS in April and August 2021, we’ll again be able to complete shipping of your Pledges from within the EU – thereby avoiding customs and handling fees that would normally be charged for parcels coming from the UK. You’ll pay a shipping fee dependant on weight/volume of your Pledge, but shouldn’t get stung for extra fees by local couriers!

Fenris Games is not liable for any customs or handling fees you may be charged by your country on import of your reward(s).

Die Kampagne hat bisher knapp die Hälfte ihres Ziels erreicht.

Alternativ könnt ihr die Bundles UND die einzelnen Modelle auf Fenris Games vorbestellen.

Link: Fenris Games auf Ko-fi
Link: Fenris Games


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