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EC3D: Beyond the Badlands Previews

EC3D Designs teilt Previews zu Beyond the Badlands.

EC3D: Beyond the Badlands Previews

This pandemic zombie pandemic outbreak is getting absolutely out of control!
Beyond The Badlands Previews 2
Water is lifebood in the wasteland, and this guy will sell it to you… but be warned, it won’t come cheap, and often he asks more than many are willing to give. Water Seller from upcoming post-apoc campaign!
Beyond The Badlands Previews 1
A drill press and band saw.. two pieces of many I’m making for an epic machine shop / workshop! Gotta build that power armor and retrofit those cars into wasteland machines somewhere! As a man who loves tools, I am thoroughly enjoying transforming some of them into printable files.. particularly looking for an industrial and retro vibe/influence
Beyond The Badlands Previews 3
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