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Denis Minis: Oni Baka Kickstarter

Denis Gonnella veröffentlicht mit Oni Baka über Kickstarter die erste Miniatur selbst.

Oni Baka miniature

Oni Baka Miniature 1

6.5cm high hand sculpted resin tabletop miniatures for wargames, collecting and painting.

my story is very simple, i’m a miniature sculptor for few years, i already worked for some freelance companies as Journeyman miniatures and Temple of the west and now I would like to creat my own range of minis. i chose kickstarter to help me with this mission and I will begin with „Oni Baka“. if you want to see more of my work you can check it out on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/la.figouz.a.denis/?hl=fr

Baka is a giant oni traveling in a fantasy world. „Despite his brutal look, he also have simple pleasure like fishing, playing music, drinking tea and crushing  monk temples.“

65mm hand sculpted miniature few years ago, it will be produced in high-quality resin.  I’ve also created some  supplement that you can choose to add, as an alternative weapon, npc and token. (pictures below)

Oni Baka Miniature 2

the original sculpt made in fimo clay and epoxy.

Oni Baka Miniature 3

one of the very first resin cast of Baka with his alternative weapon.

Oni Baka Miniature 4

the monks fleeing from Baka’s raid

Oni Baka Miniature 5

I’m also a mini painter, so I’ve painted two version of Baka and you can get it by pledging !

Oni Baka Miniature 6

first painted version of Baka with his big staff

Oni Baka Miniature 7

second painted version of Baka with the alternative weapon, a giant scimitar.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 7 Tage.

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