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Death Plague: Kickstarter läuft

Rocket Pig Games haben einen neuen kickstarter mit Minis zum selber drucken am Start.

DeathPlague KS 01

Rocket Pig Games has been known for our support-free miniatures that people print with ease on FDM and SLA printers. This is our very first project that is designed exclusively for RESIN. We are excited to expand our miniature line to include these detailed and dynamic minis as the price of resin printers has become so affordable!

Death Plague is our newest setting for your horror/fantasy tabletop gaming adventures! First, choose your Heroes and Henchmen. Then decide which horrifying new creatures to battle amongst the grisly terrain you’ll discover and explore!

DeathPlague KS 02 DeathPlague KS 03

We have a very exciting announcement to make! We have incorporated a Death Plague sourcebook for use with your Dungeons and Dragons 5e settings. We are offering this as a PDF. We will make a reward tier for just the compendium if you don’t have a 3D printer but would still like to delve into Death Plague! Keep scrolling for a glimpse into the terror!

„If you’ve been thinking of adding a 3D printer to your home, this is a great time! SLA printers have become extremely affordable at around the $200 mark for a very reliable machine. There is a plethora of support groups on Facebook so you’re never alone in this hobby. This would be a good time to mention our Printing Partners! If you don’t have a 3D printer but would like to have our miniatures and terrain, you can contact one of our licensed printers. They are happy to print for you and ship to your home address. I will include a list of our Printing Partners in the FAQ section.“

Für 5 $ erhält man das PDF, Für 35 $ gibt es zusätzlich Druckdateien für Helden und Monster und wer 100 $ investiert erhält noch 5 Add-Ons an Druckdateien dazu.

DeathPlague KS 04 DeathPlague KS 05 DeathPlague KS 06 DeathPlague KS 07


DeathPlague KS 08 DeathPlague KS 09 DeathPlague KS 10 DeathPlague KS 11 DeathPlague KS 12

Stretchgoals gibt es natürlich auch:

DeathPlague KS 13 DeathPlague KS 14 DeathPlague KS 15 DeathPlague KS 16 DeathPlague KS 17 DeathPlague KS 18 DeathPlague KS 19 DeathPlague KS 20 DeathPlague KS 21 DeathPlague KS 22 DeathPlague KS 23 DeathPlague KS 24 DeathPlague KS 25 DeathPlague KS 26 DeathPlague KS 27 DeathPlague KS 28

Der Kickstarter ist bereits voll finanziert und endet am 12. Mai.

Da es sich um rein digitale Produkte handelt entfällt der Versand.

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