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Comet Lord Miniatures: September Patreon

Der Patreon diesen Monat von Comet Lord Miniatures kommt mit asiatischen Flair daher.

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The Nuckelavee

Tales tell of a nightmarish horror that stalks the rocky coasts of Stormcrest.

Beyond the Sea of Storms lies the Misty Isles, throne of The Andraxian Empire and home of The God-Emperor Ulysses. The Spirestone Coasts have been infamous for shipwrecks for centuries, as the long shards of stone pierce the hulls of ships beneath the waves as they approach. This however hasn’t stopped many Andraxian triremes from trying to storm the beaches.

Over the years, the coast has become a graveyard for both soldiers and ships. The jagged coast is littered with the remains of cracked hulls and rusted equipment. The blood soaked sands summoned something from beyond. The ocean waters turned red with the blood of the fallen and a nightmarish creature arose from the waves.

At first it appeared a large horned three-eyed skull – then it’s true nature became apparent as it’s flayed disfigured form pierced the waves. Slowly the horror became more disturbing as it approached the beach. One of it’s arms resembled a scythe made of bone and flesh. Fused to the horrifying humanoid corpse was the decaying flayed corpse of what resembled a warhorse with far too many legs. It’s tail was long like a reptilian beast, but with a bladed pincer at the end.

As it’s towering form stood within the shallow waters, it’s full form was a true terror to behold. It stood silent except for the horrid gasps of air escaping the horse skull. Many soldiers were frozen in fear, one by one they began to flee.

Then it happened, it could taste their fear. The soldiers began yelling in fear, but were drowned out when the creature’s shrill scream filled the air. It moved with unnatural speed and it began charging down the coast cutting down all within it’s path.

As the remaining survivors reached the top of the path leading to the coastal sands, all they could hear was screaming and then the ambient sound of crashing waves. It left as quickly as it came, leaving carnage in it’s wake.

This was a demon of carnage, a creature from the depths of the waves, a horror that haunts the coasts – this is The Nuckelavee.

Miniature Information

The Nuckelavee sits on a custom base which is 101.6mm/4 inches by 76.2mm/3 inches.

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The Dreameater

The Dreameater is a night fey that feasts upon the pleasant dreams of sleeping mortals.

Across the realm there are places where the veil between the Fey Wilds is thin. Towns built without knowing this can be victims to the evil fey that prey upon mortals.

The Dreameater can send an entire township into a descending spiral as their nights are filled with horrible nightmares. This evil fey looms over it’s prey as it stands much larger than any human – or even goliath. It’s nightmarish fey existence allows it to walk through shadows like doorways or squeeze into small spaces like under a bed!

Heroes or Adventurers that rooted out a Dreameater describe seeing it’s glowing eyes from across a room and is grunts as if eating physical food. Illuminating the creature reveals it’s snout latched onto the forehead of someone sleeping as it consumes their pleasant dreams, only leaving nightmares behind.

A Dreameater avoids a fight if it can – bargaining or feigning weakness. Really whatever it can, but if it is forced to fight – it will attack without mercy and absolute cruelty. It wields the essence of nightmares like a sorcerer wields arcane magic. The Dreameater will weave phantasmal nightmares to torment it’s foes until it breaks their minds.

Miniature Information

The Dreameater sits on a Large (50.8mm/2 inch) base and comes in 3 poses.

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The Death Oni

In the land of Tamashima, there are tales of a terrible creature of undeath that hunts down damned souls that tried to cheat death.

In the dead of night, a billowing shroud of necrotic smoke fills the area. The sounds of the dragging chain, spiked ball or kanabo means The Death Oni has found you.

Miniature Information

The Death Oni sits on a Huge (76.2mm/3inch) base.

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Hiroshi, Ronin Warrior

The Isles of Tamashima are place lead by honour and tradition. Their warriors are trained to value discipline and skill over brute strength. Like the knights of Ardyn or Itheria – becoming a samurai is a path to nobility for those worthy. As a samurai, they pledge their lives to their lord. If their lord dies under their watch, it shows the greatest of failures and they become ronin – without a lord.

Hiroshi, A battle-worn samurai that served their lord until their untimely end. Unable to protect his lord from the corrupting influences that worked in the shadows of Tamashima.

When Hiroshi returned to the Lord’s Estate, he was greeted by dark halls. His lord had slain those that served him and many of his samurai. Consumed by the dark power of necromancy, he and his remaining samurai remained in a state of undeath.

That day Hiroshi was forced to slay the terrible wraith that became of his lord and his fellow samurai that served alongside him for years. By the laws of Tamashima he became dishonoured, lordless – he became ronin.

Years later, Hiroshi eventually found an unlikely friend along his travels across Tamashima – his loyal friend, Kurogane.

Miniature Information

Hiroshi comes in 4 poses – each with a helmed version.

This miniature sits on a medium (25.4mm) base.

It also comes with 2 busts and a spiritual weapon.

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Kurogane, The Juggernaut Forgeborn

Along his travels through the isles of Tamashima, Hiroshi eventually found an unlikely friend – Kurogane.

A large Forgeborn warrior wielding powerful two handed weapons. Whoever created this sentient construct gave him the guise an oni to strike fear into those that dare face him.

Miniature Information

Kurogane comes in 4 poses, each with 3 weapon types – Kanabo (Greatclub), Naginata (Glaive) and Nodachi (Greatsword).

This mini sits on a medium (25.4mm) base.

This also includes 3 spiritual weapons and a bust.

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