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Brigade Models: German Spaceships

Brigade Models veröffentlicht neue deutsche Raumschiffe.

Brigade Models German 2.jpg Brigade Models German 3.jpg Brigade Models German 4.jpg Brigade Models German 5.jpg Brigade Models German 6.jpg Brigade Models German 1.jpg

Brigade Models – Neuheiten

New this week are three German spaceships, replacements for older models. The new versions all have resin hulls with metal parts, so are easy to assemble and base.

The three ships are the Magdeburg battleship and the Dortmund and Thüringen battlecruisers, which join the existing Pomerania dreadnought and Zugspitze carrier. Each can be found in one of the three German Squadron packs; the Magdeburg is in the Fleet Pack, the Dortmund in the Patrol Group and the Thüringen (two of them) in the Heavy Squadron.

SFS-301 – Magdeburg class Battleship – £6.00
SFS-302 – Dortmund class Battlecruiser – £5.50
SFS-303 – Thüringen class Battlecruiser – £6.00

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