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Bad Squiddo Games: Drachenköpfe

Bad Squiddo Games haben einige Drachenköpfe neu im Shop.

BadSquiddo Dragonhead 01 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 02 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 03 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 04 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 05 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 06 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 07 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 08 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 09 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 10 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 11 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 12 BadSquiddo Dragonhead 13

These mighty dragon heads can be used for various purposes such as painting as a bust and mounting on a plinth, converting your existing dragons, or perhaps as a mighty trophy that your warrior is stood upon? It might just make a nice change for you to paint something at a different scale without it being too mega a task.

Save money by picking them all up at once!


A (Blue): Measures approx 72mm from chin to horn tip

B (Green): Measures approx 50mm from chin to neck, largest spine 16mm.

C (Red): Measures approx 65mm from chin to horn, 31mm from chin to nose.

They are hand sculpted with attention to detail by Ristul, and hand cast resin in the UK.

See the additional photos for scale next to a 28mm mini and a different angle. These are big!

Plinths not included.


Cast in high quality resin, supplied unpainted, shown painted by Warpfiend Studios. Made to work with 28mm scale minis but will also work with others depending on your preference. Sculpted by Ristul.

Das Set kostet 20,00 GBP. Einzeln kosten die Köpfe je 7,50 GBP (Blau, Grün) bzw. 8,50 GBP (Rot).

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