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Anvil Industry: Januar Patreon

Im Januar haben Anvil Industry ein paar Jungle Soldaten in ihr STL-Paket für Patreons gepackt.

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Everything you get with January’s Jungle Fighters!!

Dear Patrons,

Sorry about the delay this month. We are a small team and the combination of the holiday break and a staff absence means we’ve not been able to get the usual set of pretty renders ready yet.

Rather than delay the release further, we’ve decided to make the download available asap (look out for a download link post soon) and get some updated renders ready later in the month. For now we have some simpler renders taken from Zbrush (thanks Dan!) which show everything you get (main image, ruins shown smaller than actual size).

The Jungle Fighter Team comprises components to make up a full squad of infantry with plenty of poses and optional components.

For the rifle/special weapon poses, we have decided to integrate the arms into the torsos to give a much neater finish where flesh is exposed.

Some separate/melee arms are included, as are separate jungle torsos, to make conversions with other arms possible.

The torsos feature a number of multi shell elements including removable body armour – more details soon!

The set includes plenty of different heads, including a jungle gas mask and flame thrower operator hood!

You get a massive selection of powerful weaponry, capable of easily taking out any lurking predatory aliens.. As well as the real world M16 and M60, we’ve made a new Sci-Fi automatic rifle and pistol.

The flame thrower arms and flame thrower are the same joint system as all our existing resin specialist weapons (with power plants) for more conversion options.

Some hard-as-nails characters to lead your squad into the mist…

And finally, the objective your team needs to secure is a few hundred meters way, in some mysterious ruins!

This is the largest and most detailed terrain set we’ve ever done. It’s loosely inspired by the real world ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Multiple different ruin corner elements allow you to make a ruin building of any size, or even a group of ruins.

The elements are large, but are completely hollow, so are quick and cost effective to print. Each element will fit on any size build plate. We recommend max 50um layer height and 100um layer height will get great results with a more sensible print time.

We’ve not tested it, but you should be able to print the ruins scaled down to 85% without any problems. Smaller than that and the walls will start to get very thin.

If you want to use your ruins in a different setting, the Jungle vines are removable separate shells. You can also remove vines and mirror wall components to get more variety.

We hope you like this month’s content!

We hope to have some slightly more exciting renders ready before the end of the month.


Team Anvil

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