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Anvil Digital Forge: Diesel-Punk Exo-Lords Wave 2

Diesen Monat kehren die Diesl-Punk Exo-Lords bei Anvil Digital Forge für eine zweite Runde zurück.

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 1 ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 2

December Diesel-Punk Exo-Lords Wave 2 – Everything You Get!

You’ve seen the more mobile elements of our new Exo-Lord Diesel-Punk range in November – but now it’s time for December’s „Heavies“ to take to the field!

This month we’ve created a whole new host of Exo-Lord compatible parts to bring the most devastating and destructive portable weapons to bear on any opposition your enemies can muster!

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 3

The methodical advance of a heavy assault gun in the hands of these Exo-Lords will cut a swathe through any opponent.

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 4

Bunker complexes and underground command centres fear the booming tread of an Exo squad armed with Demolition Fists and room-clearing twinned Hellstorm machine guns.

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 5

Even an enemy’s specialist tank hunting forces will find few opportunities and even fewer weak spots in these nigh-impregnable powered suits before they are reduced to rubble and ruin!

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 6

Starting from the top, we’ve got a selection of heads in padded cowls and two different helmet designs that are compatible with all our Exo-Lord torsos

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 7

Debuting here are our all-new Heavy torsos. Comprising a front half and back half, you have 3 versions of each, and on top of that, even more heavily armoured versions of two of the torsos, featuring your choice of three different designs. The back pieces give you the choice between two different ammo feeds, or a compact V10 engine!

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 8

With a more industrial/medieval design, we’ve again provided two different leg styles – one with double layered armour, and the second as a slightly lighter looking variant.

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 9 ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 10

We’ve got lots of weapon options to go over;

You’ve got right-handed twinned Hellstorm machine guns with belt feeds that are compatible with the pervious Dieselpunk ammo belt backpacks. If preferred however, there’s also the option to use a vertically oriented drum magazine – a separate part that’s also compatible with the regular Exo rifles seen last time too!

Left-handed Powered Punch-Fists with a simple circular peg joint, allowing for relatively easy kitbashing with whatever you’d like to stick on there!

Three Heavy Weapons, including a Gatling gun, or the light or heavy Fusion cannon. The Gatling gun can be either belt-fed (again, totally compatible with the previously released Dieselpunk ammo box backpack) or use a massive drum magazine.

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 11

Three different styles of arms in three different poses, to hold your heavy weapons… That’s 9 in total! Featuring either the plain foregrip, a heavy iron plate, or spaced wrap around armour, and there are three different options for each pose – either an ammo belt, power cables, or plain (for use with a separate mag).

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 12 ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 13

As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a few more accessories to show; two new heavy shoulder pads, armoured hip tassets, a holstered service revolver, and a remotely operated shoulder-mounted rocket launcher!

We’ve also made a bonus new power plant that, while not compatible with any of this month’s torsos, is designed to allow the previous month’s Exo-Lords to wield the new Fusion cannons with the connector power cables!

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 14

Last, but certainly not least, we have your commander. Mounting a Tactical Rock (optional Multi-Shell) they’re an imposing figure, issuing commands (and copious amounts of engine smoke) on the battlefield, and wielding a steel-shattering hammer with a micro jet-thruster!

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 15

Here’s everything you get!

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 16

As mentioned previously, we’ve taken pains to give you as much Cross Compatibility with the previous month’s content as possible!

The „Slim“ torso front and belt-feed back means that you’ve got the option to use the previously offered machine guns and rifle holding arms, as well as either the beret or stahlhelm heads!

If Brodies are more your style, then the new arms and weapons all fit perfectly with the previous torsos! With the right backpack, you’ve got the option to field any of the new weapons on offer, as all the belt feeds match up to them!

In the next two renders, the darker components are elements taken from the November pack (NOT included in the December download) to show you some examples of cross compatibity.

ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 17 ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 18 ADF Diesel Punk Exo Lords Wave 2 19

Thanks everyone!

– Team Anvil

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