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3D Alien Worlds: Weitere Previews

Bei 3D Alien Worlds wird fleißig an neuen Geländestücken gearbeitet, mit ersten Previews auf Facebook.

3DAW Neue Previews 1

This is a 60mm round forest base designed to be used with those plastic bamboo things you can buy in packs of 100. There are holes for up to 14 bamboo trees per base. I’ll be using this for the new shrine set pics!

3DAW Neue Previews 2

Another little preview of the new shrine set contents – this is a low bamboo fence. The green bars are, of course, removable print supports.

3D Alien Worlds Shrine Preview 1

This one-piece print is going to make up the shrine path in the new set – good for straights and junctions anywhere!

3D Alien Worlds Shrine Preview 2

Test-fitting the battery in a new LED lantern design… this one will be the 3rd lantern version in our samurai range, and will be part of the new shrine set!

3D Alien Worlds Shrine Preview 3

Let’s take a look at one of the bigger structures from the new shrine set – this is an ema board, which are small wooden votive plaques hung near the main shrine building. I decided to use beaten copper sheets for the roof, instead of tiles, just to make it different.

Quelle: 3D Alien Worlds auf Facebook


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