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Warploque: September Patreon

Auch diesen Monat gibt es bei Warploque Miniatures wieder knuffige STLs.

Dual Patreon Release Graphic September Dark Dwarven Cabal Painted September 10mm Patreon Release Graphic Dark Dwarven Cabal Renders

Hey folks!

For September 2021 I’m starting two brand new themes for both the 28mm and the 10mm scaled releases: Dark Dwarves and Undead Pirates!

Heroic 28mm (32mm) – The Dark Dwarven Cabal (Part 1)

In the first installment of the two-part release, the Dark Dwarves are a chaotically themed warband that are perfect for any skirmish fantasy wargame. Fully modular, with unlimited customizable options as well as a Champion, Musician and Standard, they can even be ranked up for mass combat games too!

This set contains:

  • 4 x Dark Dwarf Torsos
  • 1 x Dark Dwarf Champion Torso
  • 2 x Dark Dwarf Sword Arms
  • 4 x Dark Dwarf Mace Arms
  • 2 x Dark Dwarf Axe Arms
  • 1 x Dark Dwarf Standard
  • 1 x Dark Dwarf Horn Arm
  • 3 x Dark Dwarf Empty Arms
  • 4 x Dark Dwarf Shields
  • 3 x Dark Dwarf Legs

10mm – Undead Pirates! (Part 1)

Shivver me rotten timbers! It’s time for another army to be brought to (un)life for the 10mm releases, and I’ve got something particularly fun for the next three months – Undead Pirates!

This set contains:

  • 1 x Undead Pirate Captain
  • 5 x Bilge Rat Swarms
  • 6 x Undead Pirate Crew with Swords
  • 6 x Undead Pirate Crew with Halberds
  • 1 x Undead Pirate Crew Banner
  • 1 x Undead Pirate Crew Musician
  • 1 x Undead Pirate Crew Champion
  • 4 x Undead Pirate Crew with Swords Warmaster Strips
  • 4 x Undead Pirate Crew with Halberds Warmaster Strips
  • 6 x Bilge Rat Warmaster Strips

*How to get the models*

After all of your pledges have been processed by Patreon (takes around two days), I’ll release the files for you all to download and print.

For the 28mm minis, an email will be sent to you from MyMiniFactory, where you can download them at your leisure.

For the 10mm minis, I will upload a discount code that you can use on my Gumroad store, which will allow you to download the files for free.

Speak to you all in a few days, and I hope you enjoy this release as much as I enjoyed sculpting them!

Many thanks,

– Alex

Ein Monat kostet 10,00 USD (Entweder 28/32mm oder 10mm) oder 18,00 USD. (28/32mm und 10mm).

Link: Warploque Miniatures auf Patreon


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