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Warp: Dezember Preview

Warp (ehemals Warploque) Miniatures, haben auch diesen Monat wieder STLs für ihre Patrons.

Large Digital Workshop Post December 2021

Hey folks!

Hope you are all getting excited for Christmas. I’m delighted to unveil to you the upcoming release for December 2021 – the Lords of the Dark Dwarves!

A fitting end to one of my most popular ranges, this modular kit will contain everything you need to build heinous Characters for your Dark Dwarf force. A mighty warlord, a tricksy Sorceror and even a Champion for your Boar Centaurs. What’s even better is that all of the parts can be swapped, so you can get multiple combinations to suit your tastes.

In addition, I have also included a set of Great Weapon wielding torsos for your troops, as well as arms to give your existing Dark Dwarves some more clout. As before, all of the parts from all three sets are interchangeable, so let your creativity flourish!

As a FINAL gift to you all, I will be including a little something extra next month for the festive season. I will reveal more in good time…

What do you think, folks? Who’s looking forwards to printing this lot?


– Alex

Besagtes Final gift:

Christmas Baubles

Hey folks!

I had a silly idea this afternoon, and here’s the outcome – a set of themed fantasy Christmas baubles based on some of your favourite Warp releases!

These folks will be completely free for every Patron, and will go alongside the Dark Dwarves next month.

Who’s looking forwards to getting some of these on their tree?


– Alex

Ein Monat bei Warp Miniatures kostet 10,00 USD.

Link: Warp Miniatures auf Patreon


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