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Victrix: Neuheit

Victrix haben ihrem Shop ein neues Ste hinzugefügt: Persian Unarmoured Spearman

Victrix PersianUnarmouredSpearmen 01 Victrix PersianUnarmouredSpearmen 02 Victrix PersianUnarmouredSpearmen 03 Victrix PersianUnarmouredSpearmen 04

Persian Unarmoured Spearman: NOW SHIPPING
Whether you’re using them as part of the Early or Late Achaemenid Empire, the Unarmoured Spearman are an essential unit in any Persian army. Utilise the formidable combination of spear and spara to keep your enemy at bay.
– 30 figure set
– 24 Spearman
– 6 Command figures (including Officers, Standard Bearers and Musicians)
– Multiple head, arm and weapon options (spears, javelins, swords and axes)
– Includes Sparas and Hoplon shields
– Can be used in armies to fight the Greeks, Macedonians, Ancient Indians, Scythians, and themselves in numerous civil wars
– Set is being released alongside a new range of LBMS shield transfers

Das Set kostet 20,83 GBP.

Quelle: Victrix Limited auf Facebook


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