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Vanguard Miniatures: Typhoon Heavy Tank

Vanguard Miniatures haben einen neuen Sci-Fi-Panzer im Shop.

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Eloi Federation – Typhoon Heavy Tank – 12,50 GBP

Typhoon Heavy Grav-tank
The Typhoon is the Eloi Federations heaviest anti-gravity combat vehicle encounter to date. A swift and highly manoeuvrable vehicle for its size it combines unprecedented mobility with lethal and highly accurate firepower.
Typhoon’s are known to be crewed by two Eloi, a pilot/driver and a weapons operator both of which sit in the small rear compartment. The apparent central cockpit is in fact a highly advanced sensor array, real time data gathering module and terrain following suite linked directly to the crew by a neural linked helmet interface. This gives both crew members unprecedented situational awareness of their surroundings on the battlefield.
The turret armament consists of two heavy laser cannon with a secondary centrally mounted rail gun sitting between the barrels. However two other weapons systems have also been observed on this chassis, a large long range energy weapon (the quantum lance), and a triple barrelled indirect fire weapon (the trinity plasma mortar).
The graceful curvature and the thick well slopped composite armour plates of Eloi vehicles provide excellent protection from enemy fire but it is the tanks speed and agility that is considered to be its primary defensive measure.

Set contains:

1 x heavy tank hull

1 x Twin heavy laser cannon turret

1 x Quantum lance turret (with 3 sponson options)

1 x Trinity plasma mortar turret


  1. This is a fully resin cast set
  2. Model approximate dimensions, length 75mms, width main hull 42mms – across the stabiliser fins 50mms, height around 10mms not including turrets

Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures


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