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Unit9: Oktober Patreon

Unit9 zeigen die nächsten Runde von Cyberpunk Miniaturen für den Monat Oktober.

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Unit9 – September Patreon

Hello to all Patrons,

it’s time to present the October news.

Traditionally, as every month, in October you can expect really awesome models. Starting with just ordinary citizens of Sleepless City, through wet-work specialists,  ending with gorgeous multi-parts combat drones.

The next month, of course, you will get great looking Hangar map.

What’s more, we are starting a completely new series of models – Endless Terrains, a growing library of terrain models. Crates, barriers, lamps terminals and more. Stay tuned.

We hope you are satisfied. See you soon within few days.

Happy printing


Link: Unit9 auf Patreon

BK-Herr Kemper

Mostly Harmless. Im Hobby seit den 80ern..... Spielt: Infinity (Nomads & Aleph), Warmachine (Khador & Mercs), BattleTech (Alpha Strike), 7TV Adventures, In Her Majesty's Name, Dust, Batman TMG

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