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Unit9: Goliath

Unit9 teilen ein Preview des Bonus Modells für 9 Monate Mitgliedschaft – der Goliath.

Unit9 Patreon Goliath (9 Months Reward) Preview 2 Unit9 Patreon Goliath (9 Months Reward) Preview 1

Unit9 – Patreon – Goliath (9 months reward) – Preview

Hello Patrons!

As you all probably know, we have a Loyalty Program for all our Patrons. It works in a very simple way, i.e. in 3, 6, 9 months, everyone who supports us during such a period receives an ubercool model that is not available anywhere. Protector for 3 consecutive months, Spinner tank for 6, and for 9 … Well, what will be as a 9th month Reward?


A true land cruiser combining firepower, armor and speed. Its size makes the terror of all potential opponents. Additionally, interchangeable weapon systems enable operation in all conditions and situations. Nothing will be able to resist this monster. Designed in our unique style, it will be available for printing in a moment :). Here we present the concept.

We hope you like it. As for the next level, we think that the next Reward will probably fly to you …

Happy printing


Link: Unit9 auf Patreon

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