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TTCombat: Sprays und Previews

TTCombat bringen bald eigene Farbsprays und neue Bausätze.

Spreaser Tuesday!

TTCombat TThumb Spray Gears Background

We have some REALLY exciting releases coming to you this week!

This Friday we will be launching the first in our range of spray paints!

We saw them in last week’s WIP Wednesday, and we’re wasting no time getting them out to you.

TTCombat Spray

So as of this Friday, you will be able to choose from 26 new spray paints on the TTCombat webstore!

We’ve got your standard undercoats in Black Spectre and White Sphere, as well as loads of other colours. From Green Bruiser to EAA Blue. From Capodecina Red to Shaltari Orange. There are lots to see, and we will be looking at them in more detail this week in time for the release on Friday.

TTCombat MAR21 Prev01

In addition to the new line of spray paints, we’re also continuing our ever-present assault on bare tabletops with even more MDF kits!

This week will see the release of 3 new sets for our Savage Domain kits for the Fantasy Realms.

TTCombat MAR21 Prev02

These new sets are all geared towards a mechanical look, perfect for more fantastical elements of your fantasy settings. They’re also all compatible with all of the rest of the Savage Domain kits, which is very handy. You could combine these new ones with the Tumbledown Castle Town for a steampunk style ruined town. Or with the Decaying Ruins sets to make an ancient looking Dwarven city. The choice is yours!

All of these new releases will be available on Friday, so if you’ve got a pile of unpainted miniatures on your desk, you can only use the “TTCombat doesn’t make any spray paints” excuse for another three days!

TTCombat Produkte werden in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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