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TTCombat: Neue Previews

TTCombat zeigen eine Vorschau auf Bundles und exklusive Miniaturen.

White boxes & Exclusive Minis

It’s starting to look a lot like a white box Christmas. This week we’ve got our famous white box bundles releasing. As well as this we’ve got some exclusive Black Friday / Cyber Monday miniatures for you.

A few weeks back we gave you a sneak peak into what we’ve been working on. In this Work in Progress Wednesday we featured three white box bundles. Well there’s 8 more coming this Friday. 11 in total! Lets take a look at a few more.

San Geremia Plaza

TTCombat White Boxes & Exclusive Minis 1

The San Geremia Plaza, is over £100 of Streets of Venice kits in one affordable box. It has a wide range of kits within it. Ranging from the San Geremia Tower all the way down to small resin accessories such as a Gondola and Gondola poles.

Dressing’s Ranch

TTCombat White Boxes & Exclusive Minis 2

Next up we have Dressings Ranch, just like ranch dressing it is a must have on the table top. The box set features a brand new range of kits which expands on our recent Wild West releases.

Bolstered Drop Site

TTCombat White Boxes & Exclusive Minis 3

Last MDF teaser for today is the Bolstered Drop Site. This set contains over £100 worth of SCI FI – Gothic terrain, As shown above it will occupy a 3 x 3 gaming board.

Becky Black Friday & Cyber Courier Monday!

TTCombat White Boxes & Exclusive Minis 4 TTCombat White Boxes & Exclusive Minis 5

Finally we have our Black Friday and Cyber Monday exclusive miniatures. All you have to do to get one of these bad bois, Is starting from Friday. Spend £75 on the web store and you will get one of these thrown into your order for free!

That is it for this weeks teasers.

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