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TTCombat: Neue Gelände Previews

TTCombat haben einige neue Geländebausätze aus MDF vorgestellt.


Space Elf Spires


Here we have the Space Elf Spires. This kit features 4 tall spires that have 3 platforms going up. This allows you to gain a solid vantage point over the table top. Alongside this the kit includes 4 walkways, 4 ladders and 4 sets of stairs. These allow you to connect and scale the spires.


Space Elf Spirit Beacons


Next up we have the Space Elf Spirit Beacons. This kit comes as a pair for a very good reason. As the beacons can act as transport networks allowing you to teleport from one area to the next. Alternatively they can be used as fantastic line of sight blocking as well as a sneaky vantage point. The top of the beacon is removable allowing for a single model to sit high up. Sneaky space elves!


Cyber Spirit Beacons


Lastly for this week’s teaser, we have the Cyber Ordnance Platform. This kit may look familiar as it was based on the Cyber Defence Platform. However we have remastered it giving it even more features such as a removable gun for easier storage and a rotating base. The kit now also comes with 2 platforms.


Quelle: TTCombat


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