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TTCombat: Gelände und Karten Zubehör Preview

Bei TTCombat gibt es eine Preview auf neues Gelände, sowie Kartenhüllen und Boxen.

Teaser Tuesday – Library cards

Hello folks. This is an exciting week for us as we will be adding some brand new products to our Gaming Accessories range. Alongside this we have some extra additions to our City Streets range.

Lets get straight on into the MDF kits. We have an expansion from last weeks City Streets release.

City Streets

TTCombat Teaser Tuesday – Library Cards 1

Here we have the Celestial Drive-In Theatre. This is a really unique kit and it comes as 2 main profiles, the theatre itself and the screen. Both are highly playable, the Theatre roof is removable allowing for easy access to the interior spaces. The screen has a playable walkway on top giving a strong vantage point over the rest of the table.

TTCombat Teaser Tuesday – Library Cards 2

Next up we have the Ruined Gothica Library. This is a fantastic addition to any City Streets tabletop. The Library can be split into two corner ruins or can be combined together to create one larger ruined building. With the Library being partially destroyed it promotes loads of line of sight blocking. Alongside this there’s plenty of room on the roof for some little skirmishes.

Gaming Accessories

TTCombat Teaser Tuesday – Library Cards 3

Here we have our very own Card sleeves, each pack will include 100 Matte Card Sleeves. They feature a range of features which make them perfect for gaming:

  • Opaque rears that fully hide your cards back
  • Suitable for professional play
  • Easy, silky shuffling
  • Standard poker card size 66MM x 91MM

They will be available in 5 different colours check back on Friday to find out the rest of the ranges colours.

TTCombat Teaser Tuesday – Library Cards 4

In conjunction  with the Card Sleeves. We have the perfect addition The TTCombat Deck box. There will be 2 different sizes available either 80 or 100, and they will fit the retrospect number of double sleeved cards. They both come with a plastic card divider allowing you to separate your cards within the box. The plastic material is wipeable and waterproof.

All of the above products will be available on Friday for release.

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TTCombat: Neue Gelände Previews



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