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Studio Miniatures: Neuheiten

Studio Miniatures haben einige Neuheiten für Freunde historischer Szenarien im Shop.

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As these arrived early from our casters we thought you might not want to wait until the end of the month for these 🙂
We have six new packs for our 1st Afghan War range and four new packs for our Sikh Wars range this week!
1st Afghan War
AWB002 – Infantry Officers II
AWB005 – Infantry Command in Bell Top Shako & Coatee
AWB006 – Infantry Marching in Bell Top Shako & Coatee (Centre Company)
AWB007 – Infantry Marching in Bell Top Shako & Coatee (Flank Company)
AWB020 – Infantry Marching in Covered Bell Top Shako & Coatee (Centre Company)
AWB021 – Infantry Marching in Covered Bell Top Shako & Coatee (Flank Company)
We will be following up these releases with lancers and artillery crews next month.
Sikh Wars
SWS027 – Lancer Command
SWS028 – Lancers
SWH005 – Lancer/Dragoon Horses Galloping
SWH006 – Lancer/Dragoon Horses Walking
We will be following up these with dragoons (both mounted and dismounted) next month.
Miniatures are 28mm and supplied unpainted.
Miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks and Nick Collier, horses by eBob.

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