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Strato Minis: Hardwater Preview

Strato schicken ihre Kleinserie jetzt auch ins Wasser.

SMS Hogan Tankamaran 1 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 2 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 3 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 4 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 5 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 6 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 7 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 8 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 9 SMS Hogan Tankamaran 10

Hogan tankamaran is a medium-sized armoured watercraft designed for quick response action on close-shore areas. Hogan is also used as the main firepower and support unit during shore landing operations.

Hardwater is getting closer, and Hogan units are the first of many to come, and you may get them right now!
Hogan G1M1
Hogan L

Außerdem gibt es neue Mechs:

SMS Bahamut & Shift 5 1 SMS Bahamut & Shift 5 2 SMS Bahamut & Shift 5 3 SMS Bahamut & Shift 5 4 SMS Bahamut & Shift 5 5 SMS Bahamut & Shift 5 6 SMS Bahamut & Shift 5 7

Bahamut & Shift 5 are here to help. If you need utility bots, to take part in mining or industrial construction works, they are ready and Strato Minis Studio will provide the production and shipment service. And remember, that labots may be a useful combat platform if you need the job done.

Wait no longer and order labots now! Both models are available in PACKS of TWO MINIS with different arms, in the price of one war hardbot.

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