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Thunderhead Studio: Industrial Complex

Thunderhead Studio haben den Industrial Power Complex festgestellt.

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Thunderhead Studio – Industrial Power Complex STL 45,00 USD

Got this one in just under the wire! The new Hextech Industrial Power Complex set is now available in STL format from Steel Warrior Studios, just in time to still be eligible for the Year End BOGO 50% off sale!
This set is… pretty huge. It’s designed to create a modular, interactive board rife with opportunities for objective and narrative gameplay, with multiple sources of thermal energy including fusion, geothermal, and solar concentration.
Connect these sources to the expandable, modular generators with the Hextech Industrial Pipelines and mix in the Hextech Industrial Fluidworks tanks, and you can cover an entire map with a power generation complex built to your precise wants/needs, be it a massive metropolitan complex or a humble colonial grid.
As always, all of these files are optimized for printing supportless on your FDM printer and painting quickly and easily with details specifically made to withstand a blast of filler primer to tone down those layer lines and get your terrain onto the table quickly!
Hextech is engineered to be rugged, transport friendly terrain for toting around to your FLGS or local convention, quick to set up and easy to break down, with standardized elevation levels and miniature base support to ensure the maximum amount of usable playspace no matter how much terrain you decide to use!
This set also adds elevated components to the Industial Pipelines, allowing you to extend your pipeline system up and over structures, roads, and hills!
This addition has made some weaknesses in the old Hextech hills apparent, so keep an eye out, because they are being totally de-built and having a lot more variations added in the near future.
Happy printing!

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