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Steel Warrior Studios: STLs für Warcaster

Steel Warrior Studios veröffentlichen neues Sci-Fi STLs für Warcaster.

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Steel Warrior Studios – Warcaster STLs

Welp, Steel Warrior Studios has a Warcaster compatible section up and running!
Currently STLs for 3d printing in both resin and FDM are available, with physical prints of the same becoming available shortly! Four styles of energy gate, two styles of 3d printable model bases in 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 80mm sizes, and strategic objective markers with sculpted control halos for ease of play.
All resin printer files come pre-supported as well as raw, and all FDM pieces print support-free!
We will soon be releasing a small group of free demo files including objective markers both permanent and portable, so you can try before you buy!
Inside of this week I hope to be releasing the first in a series of terrain pieces designed with Warcaster in mind, an „energy geyser“ platform with integrated token and dice storage and easy-to-light interior for flickering energy effects!

Quelle: Thunderhead Studio FB

Link: Steel Warrior Studio

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