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Soul Raiders: Brettspiel-Kickstarter

Mit Soul Raiders ist aktuell ein Abenteur-Brettspiel auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Soul Raiders ⚔️

A new take on the exploration and adventuring genre, for 1 to 4 players

Soul Raiders 1

Soul Raiders is an action-packed and challenging adventure game, with an elegant and streamlined design, created by bestselling author Marc André (Splendor). Supported by a team of talented artists, such as Guillaume Tavernier (De Architecturart) and Magali Villeneuve (Magic The Gathering), he spent many years to develop a game system of EPIC proportions!

Soul Raiders 2

Soul Raiders brings to the table:

  •  3 unique and immersive settings, whole ecosystems to be explored thanks to an innovating gameplay focusing on the heart of the action!
  •  A fast-paced and action-packed game flow, where powerful heroes take on hordes of enemies and perilous threats,
  • An ingenious artificial intelligence handled by simple rules to trigger the game’s reaction, changes to the locations and enemies‘ behaviors, constantly renewing the situations the players will face.
  •  Over 120 oversized double-sided location sheets and 800+ cards with amazing art and high-quality components.

Soul Raiders 6

Soul raiders is a unique game, with innovative gameplay features that might remind players of other existing story-driven games, but is inherently different.

It is a perfect mix between pure cooperative challenge and storytelling: knowing parts of the story doesn’t spoil the fun. When you sit at the table for a game session, your primary goal is to beat the game, and experience epic and fun moments while doing so.

Soul Raiders 7 Soul Raiders 8

The narrative part of the game is at the service of its gameplay, and not the other way round. This explains why two game sessions will never be the same, and why a „chapter“ is actually a labyrinthine setting that can be explored over and over again. The challenge is at the core of the gamer’s experience, while the story is the frame from which the challenge emerges.

A game session typically lasts 2 to 4 hours, depending on your party. In that time, you will explore a chapter and experience the unfolding story in a non-linear way: the setting is almost “alive”, as the locations are evolving (flipping from side A to side B), opening and closing opportunities as the heroes move around.

If you find the primary goal hidden in a chapter, you will be able to move to the next one. But… are you ready?

  • If you ran it for the first time, you probably missed important parts that could help both your comprehension of the story and the power level of your party.  You can keep going to see what’s next, sure, but…
  • If you are a seasoned player, you know what dangers lie in the next chapters, and the assets you need to find to be prepared: allies, items, artifacts. These are hidden in the chapters, and will allow you to overcome the increasing difficulty of the game. They will appear or disappear from your heroes’ paths depending on their actions.

We therefore estimate that you will likely need at least two or three runs to understand the underlying mechanisms of a setting — one run to explore and learn the core concept of the chapter, the others to optimize your path to the goals, try different options, prepare yourself and learn new aspects of the story.

This is why it brings up to 30 hours of game on average, and why we are closer to a pure cooperative replayable challenge than any other narrative game.

Explore, experience, and find your own path to victory!

Soul Raiders 9

Soul Raiders is an epic game containing hundreds of illustrations, cards, tokens. Marc André and One For All are commited to the best production value that a publisher could dream of.

The development cost of such an ambitious project is very high, and cannot fit into the business model of a classic distribution system via retail stores — the final price would be too high for everybody: publisher, distributors, retailers, and, of course, the players. Consequently, Soul Raiders will never be on the shelves of a retail store.

Kickstarting this campaign is therefore the only current way to get a copy of the game. If the project is successful, we might have extra copies for small-scale direct sales (like conventions), but we cannot guarantee anything at this point. It goes directly from us, the publisher, to you, the players. This is why we have been looking  forward to this crowdfunding campaign, and can’t wait for you to be a part of the adventure!

Soul Raiders 10 1 Soul Raiders 10 2 Soul Raiders 10 3 Soul Raiders 10 4

Pictures may differ from actual product. As the game is still in development, decisions made during the campaign and community feedback could lead to some changes before the game goes into production.

Soul Raiders 11 Soul Raiders 12

Soul Raiders 13

Wer einmal in die Regeln schauen möchte findet sie Hier

Soul Raiders 14

The ancestral order of the Soul Raiders was founded over a thousand years ago, when the various civilisations of Kyvros were starting to blossom. At the time, mighty warrior-mages from all kingdoms banded together and fought for this world’s survival… But nowadays, nobody outside this millennial order remembers the reasons for its creation, and the sacrifices that followed.

Each Soul Raider has a specific set of skills and abilities, and a different grasp of the instinctive magic they wield. Gameplay-wise, this means that each hero’s deck is unique, with different values and bonuses. The spells available also differ from one hero to the next, opening up a variety of synergies and options depending on your party’s composition.

Soul Raiders 15 Soul Raiders 16 Soul Raiders 17 Soul Raiders 18 Soul Raiders 19 Soul Raiders 20 Soul Raiders 21 Soul Raiders 22 Soul Raiders 23 Soul Raiders 24 Soul Raiders 25 Soul Raiders 26

Stretch Goals:

Soul Raiders 27 Soul Raiders 28 Soul Raiders 29 Soul Raiders 30 Soul Raiders 31 Soul Raiders 32 Soul Raiders 33 Soul Raiders 34 Soul Raiders 35 Soul Raiders 36 Soul Raiders 37 Soul Raiders 38


We have logistics hubs in the European Union, UK, USA, Canada, China, and Australia.

Backers will therefore benefit from optimized shipping costs. If they live in North America, China, the European Union, the United Kingdom or Australia, they won’t pay customs when the package is shipped, since it is sent from their home country (or another country from the European Union).

Soul Raiders 39

Through the pledge manager tool, backers will pay an amount corresponding to the shipping costs between the hub and their home, as displayed on the estimates below. We will cover the transport to the hubs and potential customs fees.

Soul Raiders 40

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 16 Tage.

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