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Punkapocalyptic: Preview

Ein Preview der neuen Fraktion aus dem nächsteb Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter.

Punkapocalyptic – Kickstarter Previews:

Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews

Although Irradiated have an incredible tolerance to radiation, in time it’s only natural that their bodies succumb to its effects. Some of these Irradiated, little more than radioactive wretches, turn to Martyrs trying to make sense to their ends… or others’.
The KS of Punkapocalyptic’s new faction, the Irradiated, begins on the 22nd of October.

Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews 1 Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews 7

Those Irradiated that have sins to atone or are currently experiencing some crisis of faith, are used as penitents, using the most dangerous weapons in their crusades to eradicate all forms of life.

Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews 6 Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews 5

Disciples are the bulk of the Irradiated faith and the ones carrying all the basic labors of the Plan.

Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews 4 Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews 3 Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter Previews 2

: Punkapocalyptic FB

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